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A garden room might perhaps be THE ideal home project right now…. Read on…

Here’s an idea perhaps? What about a garden room to get more space at home and so avoid the challenge of a ‘full on’ home move. There are, of course, many different types of home extension to consider, if you have very sensibly decided to opt out of all the uncertainties of the current housing market and follow the now well-established Mint initiative of - Extend Now - Move Later.


This time of the year can surely make a garden room a somewhat appealing home extension type choice. It is a great option if you have the right size of space available. The ever informative HomeOwners Alliance have been online with their special ‘Garden Room’ guide, offering a useful ‘take’ on the whole gamut of Garden Room ‘ins and outs’. (Their guide was produced by Resi Architects).


You can check the full Garden Room ‘story’ here

cost effective

The experts at the HOA, quite rightly, point out that a garden room is “a great way to get more usable space at home”. They highlight that a garden room is a relatively quick and cost-effective way of getting more space. Obviously you need a garden with enough room to accommodate the extra space you feel you ideally require from your planned home extension project.


A vital point, when it comes to garden rooms say the HOA is that…. “there is so much choice available, and it’s easy to find the right size garden room that you need.” n Add the HOA, “Whether you need a home office, a place to workout or a space to study, a garden room surely offers a flexible solution.”

planning permission

Key, of course, to a garden room project are Cost,,…Planning permission requirement…. and, also, certain other important issues, which you need to be aware of. All need to be carefully considered and decided upon at the ‘get-go’ so that you can make a confident start to your ‘garden-room’ home-space project.

photo credit reference above image ………

Add the HOA, “A garden room is a relatively quick and cost-effective way of getting more space at home. You just need a garden with enough room to accommodate what you want. And, with so much choice available, it’s easy to find the right size garden room you need”.

an outbuilding…

Another key question to consider, of course, is - Do you need planning permission for a garden room? Explain the HOA team, First things first. For planning purposes, a garden room, in most instances, will be classed as an outbuilding. Outbuildings do not require planning permission and fall into your “permitted development rights”……Check further below. A garden room will be permitted development when it is……….

a. Single story with a maximum eaves height of 2.5 metres and with a maximum overall height of four metres with a dual pitched roof or three metres for any other roof.

b. Not on built on land forward of a wall forming the principal elevation.

Of a maximum height of 2.5 metres in the case of a building, enclosure or container within two metres of a boundary of the curtilage of the dwelling/house.

Includes no verandahs, balconies or raised platforms (a platform must not exceed 0.3 metres in height).

c. When built it will cover p no more than half the area of land around the “original house”* ‘original’ house (Take note - the term “original house” means the house, as it was first built or as it stood on 1 July 1948 if it was built before that date. Although you may not have built an extension to the house, a previous owner may have done so).


Its a fact, say the HOA, tha not all properties qualify for permitted development rights. They point out that any of the following types of homes will need planning permission for a garden room project - Flats, Maisonettes and Converted houses. Also, some new builds and Listed buildings and Homes in conservation areas*

reduced ‘size’ allowances

Another thing to be aware of - indicate the HOA is this - “In the case of some homes in National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites you might still have permitted development rights, BUT these will be reduced to half their normal allowances, to 10 square metres.”. You can check all the key details and advice you need from the HOA here - planning permission - check it out……… and get all the answers!

info here….

There’s a good deal more to consider too, of course, if you do indeed fancy a Garden Room home extension at your place …..As already said, you can get all you need to know from the HOA here ….


Of course, remember a garden room can be all kinds of everything in terms of use …. a yoga or fitness studio, Home office, Spa, Home gym, Bar, Games room, Music room, Cinema room, Hobby room, Personal library and a Workshop…and more.

Good luck with your Garden Room project !

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to a garden room or indeed any other new home project and plans, you may perhaps be planning during the year ahead . We can assist with all your 2023 and 2024 home renovation priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital, increased future protective money-making ‘added sales value’, never more vital than now. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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