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Be ‘value-wise’ as home sale prices and the cost of living are both set to rise for 2022!

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

For sure, as a homeowner, it is, at the moment, vital that when you do decide to invest money in your current home - rather than move on in these testing times -  that you make the right decisions about what to do and how much to invest. You also need to be clear as to what your the key focus needs to be and also, how you can best balance your current needs at home with your property’s future monetising and upper-limit value.

We at Mint are always ready to advise, guide and develop the plans and ideas you most need, at any given time, to make the right ‘value-wise’ decisions as to the potential of your home’s future worth.... looking into both the near and further future.


The cornerstone of our well-researched Mint ‘value-sense’ approach is to try and always ensure that every penny you do spend on your extension or renovation at home is never wasted. We can guide and help you ensure that you do indeed realise ‘best added value and advantage’ when in the future you decide to make that preferred home move.

extend now-move later

At the moment, word is perhaps that home extending and improving is better than a home move, when it comes to 2022 with the rising living costs and other financial pressures well to the fore.

But, if you are keen to extend or renovate now you need to do two things - first, ensure you get the extra space you need for now AND also that you spend wisely on your project and get the right advice to be sure that your project is both realistic and will indeed achieve that all important 'added value' at a later date when the time is right to sell-up and move on.

top tips

Spotted online the other day was some Mint-like ‘value-sense’ guidance from the HomeOwners Alliance team. They offered some ‘top tips’ for extension and renovation to help achieve ‘best’ added best value from your home when you do feel it right to sell and move on in the future.

added-value ‘winner’

The HOA indicated that adding an extra bedroom and bathroom are ‘added value winners’. They point out that if you can increase the number of bedrooms in your property, then you will surely add to your future sale price, assuming you haven’t gone beyond the top value of homes within the street and local area where you live.

local ‘pricing’

For sure, being very much aware of the local pricing levels of homes and, of course, the potential value of your own property within these price scales, is something that is very much an essential as you consider that Extend Now - Move Later project you may have in mind.

best of both worlds

If you need more space and have general living space pressures, a home extension carefully planned and priced, if you get it right, will surely deliver the best of both worlds - the much needed space for now and good possible, worthwhile added value for later. Having extra rooms to offer can help you move you up the overall house prices ‘value league’ - provided you time your move best can, in step with the outlook of future home-prices ‘momentum’!!!

bathroom guidance

An area of reasonable effect in most homes is a bathroom make over. As the HOA indicate, considerable improvement can be made with just a new suite and smarter fixtures and smart fittings . However, more impressive in added value is extra bathroom space - especially a completely new ensuite! More bathroom guidance here :- See our guide for where to start with your bathroom refurb from the Alliance.....!!!

money-wise winner

Improving the kitchen is very a ‘value-wise winner’ of course! It can very much offers a better home lifestyle for now AND impressive extra price value for the future when you do feel ready to take the plunge to sell up and move. After all, the kitchen is ‘the heart’ of the home and is very much THE area which surely most ‘impresses’ future buyers and thus offers the best chance of getting the most improved value sale pricing rise for the future.

key message

But beware… with a kitchen - and in fact all places and rooms - it is vital to keep your spending in proportion - that’s very much THE key message if you have a move later future money-making plan in your mind!

be ‘value-wise’

As the HOA speculate “You’re unlikely to see returns on a £25,000 kitchen in a £250,000 home” …yes, well that’s absolutely right - spend enough ….make an impression.. but never overspend on a project if you can’t get it back later …when you need to sell - be extension and renovation value-wise now… for a successful home sale later !


Finally, just a modest but important thought - always keep your overall exterior and windows well-maintained. Updates to the exterior of your home can help both keep it in good condition and boost its kerb appeal and overall impact, This is important indeed when it comes to getting those all important future buyers in the door later on when the time IS right to for you to sell your newly extended home for absolutely THE best price you can.


Whatever you do, always keep in mind the potential of your longer term chance to cash in on the various well-planned ‘value-sense’ investments you make in in your home - extension, refurbishment or renovation - when it is best and right time to move…. We are here to help you make the right decisions at the right time and make your overall extend now and then move plan a success!

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally to Cheltenham with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to our ‘value-sense’ priority planning, choice and organisation of your home extension or renovation plans for the future, on into 2022 ....and beyond!

Feel free to request the Mint ‘value- sense’ project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more ‘liveability’ and increased future sales value in these vaccination focused- but hopefully improving - Covid times. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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