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Best for now to extend and renovate… instead of moving home, as the financial pressures mount…..

Updated: May 31, 2023

Recently here we highlighted a number of key extension and renovation projects for homeowners to consider in these days of ever rising house prices and the accompanying revving up of the cost-of-living financial pressures. 

Over the past few months, we at Mint have been promoting and our Extend Now - Move Later initiative which suggests that the best, most sound, financially-viable thing to do these days is not to move home right now ..but instead wait and improve your current home environment in the meantime.

add ‘value’

The idea is that your home improvement project will later on add value to your property and thus make a home move in the future more financially do-able. Of course, you will benefit from a better improved ‘at home’ environment in the meantime.

better and easier

Key, of course, is your choice of improvement project to action at home. It, of course needs, to effectively improve your home to make day to day life better and easier and also, most vitally, add that essential value to your home ready for the time when a home move becomes more financiallyviable and achievable in the face of then ‘in play’ house prices levels. 

what projects?

So the big question is …. what projects add best value to a house? The excellent Home Owners Alliance have been reporting how they asked over 300 members of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) ….of which we are one …and also Estate Agents too … to which projects will add vital value to homes. 

For starters, the HOA, highlighted removing a wall to develop an open eye-catching plan living area at the heart of your home and then secondly, the developing of a Garden Room - if the space is there to do so - to give more day to day space and also remove space usage pressures on other areas of your home. Both these ideas can each produce very worthwhile added value.

extra value

The HOA also reviewed and considered other suggestions for adding that vital extra home value. A top choice, say the HOA, is to sort out and spruce up your kitchen ..whatever type, size and style it may be. 

They add that getting a spruced up, new, improved kitchen is ‘tip top’ for adding vital value. They point out that a new kitchen is not just a treat for you - but can also seriously bring impressive added value to your home. 

quite modest

For sure putting in a new worktop, cabinet doors or floor can involve quite a modest sum, around £4,000 on average. But, the HOA are right to point out that this relatively straightforward application of attentive tlc could certainly add a good few thousand pounds in value - from say £15,000- £17,000 plus - suggest the HOA experts! 

downstairs loo?

Another excellent project in the ‘added value’ stakes is a downstairs loo. It is very much an attraction to both young families and, also older buyers, with an eye on future proofing. Find that wasted space, such as an under-stairs cupboard and turn it into an extra loo! This will, for sure, score worthwhile added value. As the HOA experts ponder doing this is a great project involving only a relatively small outlay of say around £1,500 ….and you could add impressively to your home’s value - a worthwhile opportunity indeed!

bedroom en-suite

Another way to improve the all-important bathroom facilities space within your home is to carve out some space in your master bedroom to create an ensuite. The HOA reckon this type of project could be turned round in 11 days or so and could add, between say, £8-£15,000 to your home’s in added value. More added value projects makeover ideas to review here soon.

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to all your new ‘added value’ home extensions or renovations….we are here to advise how you can best add value to your home for a successful ‘later on’ move in the future to beat the current rising home prices.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more enjoyable ‘liveability’ and increased future sales value. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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