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Check the HOA housing market outlook for YOUR 2024 home move update!

As the New Year eases forward, the latest views and opinions, reference the housing market for the year ahead .....and the outlook so far..... is beginning to clarify online in the minds and views of the experts.

Extend Now - Move Later

As far as we here at Mint specifically feel about the year ahead, we remain confident that our much promoted - Extend Now - Move Later - marketing approach message is, as we see it, still very much ‘in play’ and to an extent in step, it seems, with what the current year’s housing market performance outlook may bring.

possible and affordable

The Mint message highlights how the right, carefully-planned and well-costed home project for now, WILL add vital the home sales value to most - if not all - properties,  and thus help make a  ‘later on’  home move this year or next, more possible, affordable and viable than it would  otherwise  have been.

guiding thoughts

Reporting  online this week - as we head on through February - was some useful summary online guiding thoughts from those always informative experts the HomeOwners Alliance.

outlook predictions

They offered, in their well-researched online newsletter, some valuable information and considered predictions from Housing Industry's top players, regarding the outlook for the housing market moving on through the 2024 trading year.   

buyer demand

Key expertise thoughts made on the outlook report suggests that….. “there are early signs of a pick up in market activity with the first increase in buyer demand and  the highest increase in new sales instructions in more than a year.”

encouraging signs

It is said, also, that there are ,……encouraging signs for buyers with mortgage rates coming down, although affordability pressures remain with average monthly mortgage repayments still above the long run average and house prices still high relative to earnings.

stable prices

They add…. “While house prices increased this month, with good availability of homes for sale and ongoing stretched affordability, houses prices are expected to remain stable in the months ahead.” The HOA further report that  ..House prices are up on average +0.7% over the past month and +0.3% over the past year.

home market views

The HOA  offer a key, very informative schedule of area by area House prices, and also, a highly valuable schedule of views to just how key expert property businesses in the UK, from their viewpoint, see the housing market outlook for the year ahead.

vital to know

This is, of course, stuff which is vital to know if you are in the throes of weighing up a home move this year…. or even perhaps considering a home project to add vital sales price value, in order to help make that 'all important' home move later this year more do-able -  which is the approach, of course, successfully highlighted by us at Mint by way of our successful ongoing Extend Now - Move Later marketing message campaign initiative.

expert line-up

The ‘expert’ line-up from the HOA  includes views from Rightmove…Nationwide …Halifax …..Zoopla …and also the RICS. This very useful information, for sure,  needs not to be missed if you are tracking a possible home move this year!

Good luck for your 2024!

Get the lowdown then ...on all that so so vital current housing market outlook information here -  with compliments of the HOA …. gotta be done eh? …and best good luck indeed with your home project and/or home move for 2024!   

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas and much practical advice too relating to your new home project and any other future plans. We can assist with your 2024  home renovation or extension priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our planning and quotation visit to discuss the refurbishment or extension of your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future protective money-making ‘added sales value’, never more vital than now. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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