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Covid-19 ... Your home and The New Normal....whenever that might be!

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

The impact of Covid-19 on every aspect of life is very much with us – and is likely to be so, it seems, going all the way through the year ahead... and who knows how far beyond that .

We at Mint Builders like so many companies in our sector - and indeed those in numerous other sectors too - are very much now becoming more and more aware of the need to cast forward and try and ascertain the innovation that may be needed to cope with necessary changes and trends required for this looming 'new normal' .

the normal-normal

But will the dreaded 'new normal stay and stay until it become the for goodness sake the 'normal-normal' forcing us to face coping with all changes needed in many homes(and of course many other buildings too!) for the very much longer term. For sure, we have already recognised that people may be looking for different needs and wants in their homes to make living with the 'new normal' – if indeed it comes to pass - more manageable , flexible and specifically tailored to precise need.


We at Mint have already begun considering and recognising this in conversations we have had with potential customers about extension, refurbishment and re-organisation of their homes. It seems may inevitable and unavoidable that key design and build decisions COULD be necessary to cope with the pressures of this potential 'new-normal' need, whether in the shortor longer term.


Of course, the longer term is the absolute ultimate issue here! The attentive and always informed 'Refurb and Renovation Magazine' Online gave a telling presentation very recently of thoughts and considerations reference the Covid-19 effect on homes and construction both for now and also with an inevitable eye on that unavoidable longer term 'normal-normal'. Read more here -

underlying issues

The Magazine highlighted telling thoughts from Matt Linekar and Stephen Moore from the contractor Willmott Dixon. These two 'soothsayers' sensitively highlighted that the impact of Covid-19 isn’t just about changes staring us in the face. There are, they say, more subtle, and hugely significant underlying issues that are yet to be explored completely – pinpointing the whole labyrinth of building design as being very much to the fore projecting into a new normal future.

key question

This expert duo very much posed the question as to how certain Covid-related changes were being already to emerge in building design – and highlighted the thought that some might well be here to stay. That is a key question of course – 'tooling up' a building, whether house ,office, care home or whatever to cope with a passing trend situation is one thing but doing so for a situation where the dreaded Virus is set to be with us for the long term!

normality 'returns'

Pondered the Willmott Dixon experts, - “As the building industry attempts to guide itself back to normality when the pandemic is over will normality return totally? Will the pandemic disappear or will it become a total factor, which has to remain in consideration reference the way we can exist in our buildings in the future." Testing thoughts indeed.


Add the Willmott Dixon duo further, “One of the biggest changes in building design thus far in this respect is the importance that is now being placed on ventilation. The need for proper circulation and fresh air to reduce the risk of contamination has never been more prominent.”

'purge the air'

The duo point out that designers must think about the importance of such flexibility to be able to 'purge the air' in a building, and also consider window patterns and wall fans and their impact on the acoustics of these rooms. They add, “The Care sector seems very likely to any other building type that must adapt to changing times and, again, consider the importance of ventilation in communal areas or corridors that could be a hub of cross contamination. Already, explains Messrs Linekar and Moore, many care homes are now drawing on primary care regimes and lobbying rooms to protect infected patients, altering facilities to increase the safety of both staff and residents.

long haul

The key question about the whole issue is clear. Is this situation we are all in with us for mere year or so …..or is it really one for the long haul and if so, quite radical building changes may have to become permanent lasting consideration for the future. Says Stephen Moore, pre-construction manager at Willmott Dixon “We have seen a variety in responses from our customers, with some not wanting to make significant, long-term changes to a problem that is deemed to be short-term.”

particular need

We at Mint understand to an extent that every home owner considering an extension or renovation will surely become aware of particular different needs within their projects because of the times we now live in which may go on and on and on into the future. It is unavoidable not to uneasily see and appreciate how new approaches will have to emerge. What can we all do but try to develop consider and review potential - but we just don't know where it will all go long term – do we?

face the question

We stand in testing thoughtful times and for sure, every person with a place they call 'home' may well sooner or later face the question – is this home right for us – not just for now – but with the virus present in the long term.... and us up to our necks in the dreaded New Normal which will eventually become the 'Normal Normal'. Time will tell - but should we wait and see or act now...... or not!

For refurbishment, improvement and extension of your home, going forward into this Autumn and on into 2021 with the 'New Normal' perhaps, we at Mint Builders can offer a full development and finishing service to add value and better needed -even vital ‘liveability’ space to your home.

We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have all the expertise contacts to help you gain the changes at home you now need, challenging though they may be. Please request your project planning and quotation visit to improve, refurbish or extend your home for the future ahead. Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739or

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