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Eco-positivity 'a must' for your up and coming home extension or renovation?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

More and more these days, in these ecological and green-conscious times, Mint Builders aim to support clients seeking ‘Eco-positivity’ as much as possible. Mint Builders are, of course, always  committed to meeting every specific need of clients, when it comes to delivering all aspects of specifying a customers ideal, cost effective home extension or renovation project.

We, of course, as a business, pride ourselves on our high level of customer service in all respects and this very much includes aiding clients to achieve their chosen, varied energy saving and eco-friendly goals within their planned home extension or renovation project.  

guide and support

As a company, we strive to guide and support our clients in this respect, ensuring they achieve their energy saving aims, backed by considered, well-advised careful costing, budget control and project management – essential these days, of course, probably more than ever.

wide-ranging knowledge

We very much appreciate these days that in construction a wide-ranging knowledge,  understanding and commitment of eco- issues are essential. We are backed by a well-informed support network in the energy saving field to help us deliver our projects to our clients as feasibly ecologically as possible.


We are equipped to pro-actively respond to varied eco-friendly project requirement demands, not only regarding quality and  detail of specification, but also with a close eye on cost. We are confident we can produce good levels of eco-effectiveness within well-planned and specified home extension projects, even those moderately restrained reference by their size and budget. 


For sure, customer service is to the fore in everything we do, but we are confident we can respond realistically in terms of achieving for clients, a most effective eco-footprint for their new home projects. 

right people

There are several reasons why we can create and deliver an eco-friendly extension project or renovation.  We have the right people to hand within our network and project teams to effectively develop extension projects, which can achieve, through design and specification, the kind of carbon footprint much sought after – even demanded – for 21st century build projects.

construction process

Ways to make your extension better for the environment, can, of course, involve design, but also, more basically perhaps, key material choices for use within the construction process. We can guide, support and advise on these issues, as clients begin planning and designing their home extension projects. We can guide and inform reference the availability of eco-materials and, of course, also always supply the cost impact specifics involved through the making of these choices.

green roof

Noted online the other day was mention of ways to increase how environmentally friendly home extensions might be. There was a ‘green roof’ mentioned. A green roof comprises of a roof with a waterproof membrane, which has a layer of vegetation on top that allows plants to grow. 

local ecology

This ‘roof topper’ can help to attract natural wildlife, which in turn aids the local ecology, especially in residential areas. Doing this, can also create a highly-attractive effect, as the brightly-coloured plants and foliage ideally ‘link’ the new extension to the garden as well as the home itself!  


A further key eco-choice can be the extension cladding finish. This can play a further part in the eco friendly performance of a project. In this respect, timber is very much to the fore. There’s an added value bonus too worth taking into account with timber – as it is of course a strong insulator and can thus reduce a home's ongoing energy costs. These days, of course, every energy ‘eco-win’ is very much worth achieving for most families. 

visual effect

We can also consider with clients so many other eco tactics and products – there’s re-claimed bricks perhaps – which deliver a great effect, both visually and ecologically. Their use does, of course, needs to be balanced against budget. For sure, many admire the visual  effect of these products – we certainly do – and due to this ‘green’ advantage - the extra spend on the budget can quite rightly be seen as very much worthwhile.

essential appeal

Eco-positivity is very much with us today and to the fore with most in construction these days. Going forward this will be prove to be the case even more so. It is understood by Mint that ‘the green effect’ has an essential appeal for more and more people when considering a new home extension and renovation. For sure, its all about an eco-balance between management of best effect and the financial investment.  

customer service

We are pleased to inform, guide  and help on all ‘green’ issues…as highlighted above, it’s very much a part of our service at Mint these days. It is a lead  part of our commitment to ensure THE best customer service possible to clients in all respects. As a business we are confident we can, on most occasions, achieve for our customers, the success of their project in terms of both a green build along with build cost value and impressive visual style.

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all questions and ideas relating to the priority planning and organisation of your planned home extension or renovation for the Winter ahead this year ….and on into 2022.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more ‘liveability’ ...increased future sales value and an effective considerate ecologically ‘green’ awareness. For more, contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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