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Energy billing ‘tactics’ for your home need some careful thought!                       

Updated: May 30, 2023

For sure, right now, every home extension or renovation project we discuss with clients, very much involves discussion of key measures that must be considered in order to achieve the very best possible energy performance, relating to energy saving and energy efficiency……and no wonder with the up..up..up…trajectory of most people’s energy bills.

Spotted online recently was some tough talking from energy experts,, via the well-known ever-informative Real Homes, who’s expertise we present here on this blog quite often. We thought it would be ‘a must’ do so in this instance with energy costs so to the fore among us all.

vital considerations The team are pondering all kinds of vital considerations re energy, both for right now and going forward on towards the winter. What might now be the best thing to do going forward in order to best manage the pressures of the testing, still very disturbing energy outlook ahead. So read on …..

fixed tariff

Say team- ‘with energy prices estimated to go up further later this year, we look at whether it's worth switching to a fixed tariff …and indeed what to do next

have a think

They continue ..With energy bills already sky high and expected to shoot up by 51 per cent in October, based on typical average use, you may want to be thinking about ‘fixing’ your energy tariff. Note, they say, that this up and coming 51% increase is ‘up’ from last month's prediction of 46%.

pick your options

They go on to say that they have been exploring whether in reality it is worth fixing your energy bill, and what your options are, now that there are a limited number of 'deals' that may be able to save some you money, if future price rise predictions do indeed come true.

existing customers

The moneyedit team mention that certain listed deals available now , are for existing customers only and thus not everyone are able to take advantage of them.

‘skyrocketing’ again soon!

They continue ….Customers on a variable energy tariff will have already seen their bills go up by an average of 54%, following that increase in the April price cap - which added some £700 more to annual gas and electricity bills, based on typical use. Unfortunately, when the next energy cap is set, they say in October that is - they say it is likely that the energy bill of many could skyrocket again by an average 51%,…which is challenging to say the least …

fixed rate deal?

Add experts “With that in mind, our analysis shows that if you are on your provider's standard variable tariff and are offered a fixed rate 'deal', it may now be worth considering taking it up. It wpuld be about 35% more than the current price cap”.

price predictions

They add that, having crunched these numbers, it shows that if you are on your provider's standard variable tariff and can get a fixed rate at up to 35% more than what you currently pay, then it's still worth considering, assuming the current price rise predictions turn out to be correct.

They add, “Right now there are several tariffs that fall into that bracket, though if you plump for one of them, then do your own number-crunching first as energy prices are personal to the individual and our figures are derived from average costs, based on typical use.

pay less

To be clear, if you get one of these deals you'd pay more for now, but the hope is, you would pay less than what prices will rise to from October! The question ….is whether you'd save enough from October to make it worth paying more now.”

check your status

Much to think about for sure - more on these testing energy cost times here soon …. Good luck with those key energy-saving decisions at your home … ..that’s for sure. A clear case of fore-warned is fore armed perhaps ….so check your energy paying status reference that variable tariff situation as highlighted here and check if you can cushion the up and coming October price rise to your advantage. Fingers crossed eh?

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to energy saving in your new ‘added value’ home extensions or renovations not to mention other issues ….such as the planning advantages now in play.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to discuss refurbishment or extension of your home for more enjoyable ‘liveability’ energy saving potential and increased future sales value when you do decide to sell-up and move later on. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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