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Expert planning guidance and slick decor ideas to achieve increased added  sales value… even from...

Updated: May 28, 2023

Many of our extension and renovation projects, more often than not, involve a bathroom. For sure, on many occasions, there is often only very modest space available to improve and achieve the best style and finish possible within the intended bathroom space.

But small or not, these design and build decisions, in even a very modest room, if considered carefully, can realistically, help achieve vital home sale ‘added value’, essential for any future sale in these challenging, financial cost-of-living and energy price-rising times.

space saving advice

Spotted online from those Real Homes experts - writers Hebe Hatton and Christina Chrysosmou - was an impressive gallery of small bathroom ideas and decor suggestions, all offering plenty of space-saving advice and slick decor thoughts, all aimed at ensuring the often, tiniest room in the house can indeed play a telling part in the key issue these days of helping achieve best future home sale price added value.

style and added value

So, whether you are looking to achieve style and added value via the smallest loo, sort, the so often essential bedroom en suite or sort out your somewhat jaded, but still modest main home bathroom, …there’s plenty expert ideas on offer to review and consider here…….

practical and stylish

As the experts say… a ‘sound’ bathroom design that is practical, but still stylish, is absolutely key to making, what is very much an essential room in your home, really work, in all respects, the very best it can! Giving the smallest room, the right type of planning, fitting and a bit of ‘pizazz’ will, say the experts, surely help achieve that all important best vital and essential added value, when it’s time to sell up and move on.


As a ‘starter’ the best, sound advice on offer covers how to effectively cope with squeezing an attractive, workable bathroom into a very modest space, highlighting the care and attention needed - in terms of the choice of all products available - which can make your new space look good, work well and perform with style. And ‘yes’ these kind of projects are, for sure, very do-able… challenging at times true…..but, for sure do-able with some well-directed carefully considered and targeted product and decor research.

strike a balance

Adds Yousef Mansuri, head of design at C.P. Hart - “There’s no point in wishing for a large separate bath and separate shower, if this means sacrificing the space for the basin and toilet, nor is it wise to fit a large double basin, if it means sacrificing the only room in the house that can fit a bath.

which products

You see, it’s really all about a balance in choice size, planning and fitting ….that’s for sure. You’ve got to really think about which products you would like in the bathroom vs what products will actually look good and operate effectively in that ‘smallest’ room of yours .

Photo credit - Simon Whitmore

It’s just got to be, it seems, all about that right, even perfect, balance between what you really want and what fits in the room! This choice ‘balance’ is crucial. Imagination and boldness are essential in the choice of say, flooring and tiling - the experts suggest. They say, a need for colour and boldness is key, as this kind of effect creates impact and delivers an on trend ‘snazzy’ seemingly more spacious look. Get it right…. and your room really can appear not in any way to be cluttered or over bearing by its limited size.

bold paint

Also, consider the likes of a bold, strong coloured coat of paint for any storage locker type furniture piece perhaps in use in your new room - such an approach presents best possible impact, which also, in turn, say the experts, allows a spacious ‘feel’ to emerge within your newly revived bathroom space.


So, many great ideas and suggestions are on show from Real Homes, all aimed at helping you achieve that maximum style, impact ‘effect’ for your smallest room, whilst also aiding the ‘space size’ challenge it may face too!


There’s talk of all sorts of decor items and style ideas … stencil design floor finishes and cleverly researched or made to measure sink or storage units. Also, highlighted are effective green paint and other, original tile colours, shades and original textures - all definitely approved of by professional decor experts.

food for thought

Also important is the mix and match of tile designs in small spaces ….and what’s more, further food for thought from the experts, includes creation of a feature wall using a well-selected Mosaic tile effect; Squeezing in a tiny bath; fitting a frameless shower ..and various other well-considered wall fittings - all important decor and equipment ‘moves’ which can further enhance your tiniest room’s ‘space potential’

unfitted’ look

Considering also an unfitted look, if you have a narrow bathroom, is a further suggestion. This, say the experts, really can create, in the room a ‘more open’ and appealing atmosphere effect. An ‘unfitted’ look not only has the power to make a small bathroom feel spacious, but, also creates a more relaxed informal ‘feel’. Another key consideration, following on from this approach, is to go for bathroom fittings that are slimline in style.

bare essentials

The headline really is all about….. paring back and understanding what you actually need in your small space and what is most appropriate, in terms of the overall decor and finish effect. Also, say the experts, stick to the bare essentials so you have as few built in or bulky items in your room as possible. If things take up that precious floor space - the room will look so so much smaller….very much so it will!

check out

Lots of advice then. There are 38 key bathroom finish, decor and equipment ‘ideas’ in all to review - plenty to get your teeth into to ensure your bathrooms at home are all you want them …and need them to be -  the right appropriate design, best look AND practicality too. 

good luck

So, gotta be good to check out some of those 30 or more very useful planning, finish and design ideas for your bathroom spaces here, Good luck with your tiniest room project… all success with all you do and enjoy too (hopefully) counting up that vital home price added value too !

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to all your potential ‘added value’ new home extensions or renovation ideas and plans for the Autumn and Winter ahead.. and well into 2023 - whether bathrooms are included or not! We can also assist with all your home renovation and energy saving priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future protective money-making added sales value for the future ahead. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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