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Extend Now - Move Later …. as more and more testing financial pressures build….

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

More and more - so much more than say three months or so - the best thing to do for many perhaps, going forward for the rest of this year, seems to be changing. Things are, it seems, moving away from chasing a new home on a turbulent housing market.

Now, it seems, the right choice may well to respond with more conservative considerations and extra caution in the face of the now emerging more pressured and most uncertain financial outlook all around us ……

mortgage rates

For sure,it is all happening and changing! The Bank of England has raised the base rate of interest from 0.75% to 1%, the highest level since 2009. It’s the fourth consecutive increase since December. Also, spotted online this past week, was a warning that inflation could top 10% by the end of the year. Take note as well that mortgage rates are seemingly continuing to rise or very much revving up to do so and the day to day cost of living is on the up and up.

changing times ahead

It looks like we are certainly heading for changing times ahead. It seems likely we think that there will very soon be an eventual change of mind by more and more homeowners, when it comes pushing forward with a home move. The outlook already seems to be that, less and less, homeowners are as readily committed to moving right now as opposed to even just matter of a handful of weeks ago. 


It seems inevitable that most mid and low income homeowners - in particular - may well prefer to retreat for the foreseeable future in the face of the tough looking financial outlook ahead.

pause in the rush

There is a continuing growth of ‘common sense caution’ among many homeowners now it seems. There is - it very much looks like - a drop off from now when it comes to a rush to move home. This growing reluctance to move - as we see it - will emerge more and more from now on into the near future - right through Summer and well beyond as they go on considering more carefully the options best for them over a seemingly turbulent up and coming 12-15 month period ahead.

rising inflation

The now much-talked about rising inflation, the cost of living crisis and the development of more challenging mortgage rates ahead will certainly test homeowners’ resolve a good deal in terms of launching into a home move… even if they do indeed have a fairly pressing need for more space at home and a generally improved home environment.


We at Mint are experiencing home improvement communication enquiries from those homeowners who are now feeling unsure about a home move in their nearer future due to all the current financial uncertainties in the outlook. For sure, many are becoming aware that a home move is set to be less and less favourable than may well have been the case earlier the year.


Looking ahead, in the face of these testing financial ‘headwinds’, to many, it now seems a financially safer idea to consider improving home life facilities through home improvement and extension rather than move. This is very much beginning to look THE more feasible choice for many for the remainder of this current year at least.

new momentum

We at Mint would say that we feel that our Extend Now - Move Later initiative now has a new momentum and common sense potential in the face of this latest round of financial uncertainties and pressures now very much ‘in play’…..

added value

We would say …consider improving or extending this Summer to equip your home with more vital added value ..then you will be more ready and better equipped financially to move when the financial pressures - now very much in play may have steadied and emerged more clearly into next year.

current home living

Extending and improving can, we would say, be managed more safely now to both improve current home living and also, doing so will make your eventual home move more feasible and affordable when in the future things become more financially stable for you to do so!

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to all your new ‘added value’ home extensions or renovations….we are here to advise how you can best add value to your home for a successful ‘later on’ move in the future to help you beat the current rising home prices and financiel uncertainty.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more enjoyable ‘liveability’ and increased future sales value. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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