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Extend or Renovate at home….OR take a chance on the uncertain home sales marketplace?

Updated: Jun 16

Whether the outlook of the still somewhat uncertain housing market will indeed ease in various quarters as the year ticks along remains to be seen.  As an involved industry business, we at Mint feel there remains much uncertainty both in the near and longer term.

the safer option

At Mint ….we do still, in many ways, detect  that a home project to add more space to the house you have…. is STILL being viewed by many as a preferred  option than the rather fraught and pressured challenge of selling the home you have AND trying to find and buy the right replacement for it. … !

probable attraction

We at Mint certainly ‘get the point’ of the probable attraction to many of a ‘full on’ home move right now?  BUT we do feel that the property market uncertainties going forward could well be said to suggest that  a competitively priced renovation or extension for more space…does indeed have more of an air of organised control about it right now!

key options

It’s all about being accurately informed, reference  these challenging key options facing so many homeowners. The answer must be ….get yourself informed to what the ins and outs would seem to be for you!

influential and informative

Reference ‘being informed’ …..found online recently from the always  influential HomeOwners Alliance …was a very informative and timely rundown on the effects and costs of all kinds of home renovation projects.

informed consideration guidance

This link offers a good deal of  ‘pithy’ and  well- informed costing and key guidance information on the ins and outs of going for renovation and improvement project at this time.

tool YOU up!

For sure, we feel this info just might ‘tool you up’ more effectively to get the key decisions right for you and yours - probably as we see it   -  to stay and improve what you have… and avoid lurching off on an uncertain, helter-skelter  ‘sell and move’ challenge. doing what’s right

So think about it….we at Mint are also, for sure well-informed and in a position to help in so msny ways …so that YOU DO what’s right AND best for you and yours!

Mint Builders, as many know, is a familiar name across the local areas for its varied, successful build project development and services. Mint, as a business, are proud to be one of Cheltenham and The Cotswolds’ leading home extension specialists, providing clients with the highest quality          wide-ranging construction services, combined, of course, with true excellence in terms of value for money!

natural choice

We, as a long established, respected business are pleased to report that we appear to be something of a ‘natural choice’ across the Cotswolds, and in Cheltenham, for the development of extensions of all types and styles. Our team provides attentive, wide-ranging, affordable, quality renovation, re-modelling and property re-fit.

recommendations and referrals

Mint is confident that as a business, it really can always demonstrate and verify its record and experience, which is why so many of the company's projects come primarily via recommendation and referral.

professional expertise

Approved by the Federation of Master Builders if you engage with us at Mint Builders you ensure you as a client can relax in the knowledge that they are working with a professional, expert, much respected company, taking both a project pride AND dedication to achieving vital added sales price value for the future.

innovative solutions

For us, we feel no project is too challenging or too much trouble when it comes to delivering on time, effectively and on budget. MD Simon West and his team definitely deliver practical, innovative building solutions for all kinds of residential properties.

an attentive approach

For full restorations, developments and refurbishments and, also, more modest projects, we at Mint embrace an attentive modern approach to all activities, large and small, retaining a respected traditional attitude to all aspects of customer service.

best advice and solutions

Mint is dedicated to giving its clients the best advice and solutions….. to ensure every project undertaken…… really does meet individual precise needs and requirement in every respect.

added sales price value

For Mint, an extension or renovation project they handle for you can surely help achieve more space and a wonderful improved home environment AND… very importantly… and very hopefully…. vital future ‘added sales-price value’ too for most types and size of properties when you do sell later on. We are here to help you get the key decisions about YOUR home AND your future DEAD RIGHT!

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas and much practical advice too - including costings  - all relating to your up and coming  home project and plans. We at Mint are ready to assist with your 2024  home renovation priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our project review and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future protective money-making ‘added sales value’, never more vital than now. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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