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Extension and renovation for your 'New Normal' pandemic times kitchen.....

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

We have been highlighting a fair amount on this blog recently the steps - such as home extension and renovation - that homeowners are considering to improve the 'liveability' of their homes in these pandemic times. Such changes to homes here in Cheltenham and The Cotswolds are in demand going into next year for sure. (All Photo credits Eggersman)

As we grind on in another 'Lockdown' and talk of a vaccine comes to the fore, a longer term outlook is emerging as to what kind of post-pandemic world we could eventually end up in and what essential changes might emerge as being needed within our homes going forward.

wish list

Top tof many homeowners 'wish lists ' we have found, when it comes to improving home 'liveability' to cope better with these changing times, are the improvement, extension and renovation of the 'heart' of most family homes – the kitchen.

kitchens – post pandemic

Noted online recently from the expert team at Homes and Gardens magazine were some thoughts on the key question - 'What the kitchen might look like in a post-pandemic world?' Check out their considered kitchen designs concepts and ideas to cope with our possible changing future....

growing emphasis

Homes and Gardens makes a very clear, telling point that there is a growing emphasis on hygiene, comfort and, of course, safety emerging for kitchens right now.

Add Homes and Gardens “It goes without saying that the pandemic has had a huge effect on every part of our lives, including how we use our homes, and what the kitchen may look like as we settle into ‘the new normal’?”

kitchen design

The magazine further makes the point that many aspects of kitchen design – and indeed kitchen trends – are likely to go on essentially changing in the face the Covid-19 crisis. These design trends include, the amount of time we spend in our kitchen space, how we use it and also the fixtures and fittings we feel we need to have in it for this possible 'new normal' future.


Expert Daniel Bowler, Director of the famous German Kitchen company Eggersmann, has been telling Homes & Gardens how Covid-19 has already influenced the kitchen in so many ways.

It is he says touching on areas such as hygiene – (of course!!) - waste management and approaches as to how kitchen spaces may change and be used in the future.

hygiene highlight

When its comes to Hygiene, Mr Bowler explains, “A clean and germ-free kitchen in which to cook has always been important, of course, but with a focus on hand washing and many of us choosing to wipe down the grocery shop after a delivery since the pandemic first hit, features such as easy-to-clean surfaces, touch-free technology and pull-out spray taps will go on taking on extra importance now......”

recycling and food waste

An efficient process for sorting recycling and food waste is even more 'a must' in the modern kitchen, suggests Mr Bowler. This can even involve something as simple as ensuring that there is a sturdy good-sized bin close to food preparation areas.

An important part of the working triangle to enable vegetable peelings to be quickly and efficiently cleared away” suggests Mr Bowler.


Many of us know that Industrial-style kitchens were already on trend even before 2020. Now the pandemic is highlighting even more the need to take a more 'professional' approach to all aspects kitchen design, explains Mr Bowler.

He adds, “We’re all spending a lot more time at home together - cooking, dining, working, learning and relaxing and many of these activities now take place in the kitchen, or more likely a kind of open-plan kitchen/living area.


Zoning is in demand and becoming increasingly important, with space to work, rest and play, all factored in within the kitchen scenario and environment. There will be spaces dedicated to working from home, more of an emphasis on sanctuary and a 'push' perhaps towards privacy areas too, explains Mr Bowler


Professional Commercial kitchens were able to re-open for business relatively quickly post-lockdown because good hygiene systems were already in place for instance, and these, highlights Mr Bowler, are now ready to be being emulated perhaps in homes too.

tech functions

Apparently we’ll very much see this in the use of appliances for future home kitchens too. These will have more in the way of 'tech' functions as normally used by professional chefs, allowing more of us to become confident with our own cooking abilities. A new version of the 'staying-in becoming the accepted going out' could arrive - as this much-talked of 'New Normal' grows in terms of every day reality perhaps!

multi-function spaces

There is no doubt of late we're all spending a lot more time at home together, cooking, dining, working, learning and relaxing. The key question is that this scenario ( lets hope not!) just might end up being our inevitable 'new normal'. If this were the case then open plan multi-function spaces, which we have already moved towards will become more and more prevalent and probably a basic 'must have' essential.

Explained Mr Bowler to Home and Gardens, “Zoning such spaces is becoming increasingly more than ever important, with space to work, rest and play all factored in.”

All in step of course and in readiness for that 'new normal' - whatever and whenever that is when it eventually arrives in the final analysis!

We at Mint Builders are here to help with any questions and ideas for your 2021 kitchen extension or other renovation. We have expert contacts on hand to help you gain the style,look and facilities that you want and need for these unique 'far from normal' times.

Please request your project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for now and on into this uncertain 'new normal' future of ours. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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