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Still more thoughts and advice on getting that kitchen island size and design exactly right for y...

Updated: May 15, 2023

Recently on this blog we focused on ‘kitchen islands’ -  in particular  their central importance for a successful kitchen extension project. We highlighted how the right type and size of kitchen island - and even indeed whether you have one at all - is so ….so often often THE key decision in most kitchen  revamp projects.

All important for sure in any new kitchen is the ‘planning’ and key decision-making regarding this, much desired, and in demand modern-day kitchen feature, which is so …so …so very much sought after. Previously we highlighted thoughts and consideration regarding size calculation, design, style and room space setting. 

much to think of

For sure as previously highlighted, there is so much indeed to think of reference this issue, so here are further words of wisdom for the always informed Real Homes expert team. Architect Jenn Smith makes the essential point very clearly that thinking ‘proportion’ is THE essential. You need just the right size and scale of island ..not too little ..and not too much …either! For sure, needs to be just right…. so check..check .. review..and check again!!

think proportion

The thing to definitely do - as already highlighted - is ‘think proportion’. Kitchen islands should take up between one tenth to one fifteenth of your overall kitchen area,’ says Volodymyr Barabakh, co-founder and project director of Fortress Homes. He adds… generally that you want to err on the ‘smaller side’ in comparison to your overall kitchen floor space. One fifteenth of your overall kitchen floor space is what you should ideally aim for.

too small

He ponders further - can your kitchen be too small for an island? The word is, in most cases, you should have a kitchen of at least 150 square foot (14 square meters) to comfortably have an island. Also ….‘Don’t despair if your room is on the small side, though..good planning can still yield the right style of space needed to have a successful project

right size island

A key question is - Where to start  measuring up for the ‘right size’ island …..Real Homes suggest it’s important  to consider how your island will be used, as well as following known kitchen island size guidelines. 

ask a question

Key questions must be asked .and answered sort that best those vital kitchen layout and design issues. Says Barry Schneider, owner of the European Kitchen Centre - I always begin the kitchen design process with a series of questions to the client,’ ‘What is your family size? What is your family dynamic? 

behaviour traits

Also, then - apparently- it is vital to check up and review matters such as  - What are your cooking and dining habits? Do you entertain, and how often? ‘The answers to these are other thoughtful behaviour traits can safely - and effectively - determine the kitchen ‘flow’ and indeed the size of the passage of movement around your planned new island. 

movement ‘passage’

Take note the experts suggest that typically, the movement ‘passage’ might range from 39 inches (at the minimum) to 48 inches.There is apparently a method sum worth using to help get these key calculations right …review and subtract cabinet depth and passage length from your total space tank ….and you should be left with your new kitchen’s island size. This method works well for  both medium and large kitchen spaces.

…if DIY-ing

Take note, if on a DIY-ing kitchen remodel gig …planning electrical outlets in and around your new island - and indeed the kitchen as a whole - is key to getting all things right. You might consider a power outlet every four feet or so…For sure there is much to think on…and tske note on this….. if electric is not run to the island correctly during the construction activities, it will prove a costly situation to try and sort out these shortcomings as the projects ends    

key thing to do

It’s clear …Consider ..check for the right approach and information..that’s the key thing to do …be sure and safe ….and avoid any expensive mistakes and costly re-adjustment later on as project completion looms -  For more such  advice and guidance…. go here…..and good luck with your kitchen island.

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to  your new home extension or renovation ideas and plans for the 2023 challenging times ahead, including, of course, kitchen and kitchen island sizing and planning. We can  assist with ALL your 2023 home renovation priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future protective money-making added sales value, never more vital than now. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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