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Getting the 'extension' room you need in your home - there’s so many ways to consider!

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Getting more vital room in your home can be achieved in so many ways and we at Mint Builders have worked on almost all of them - you can renovate, re-organise, re-plan, extend up and down and out the back and over the garage and into the basement... and so on... and so on.

One approach, which we at Mint, have found to be becoming of a more popular choice these days is to consider a garden room. We at Mint have been engaged over the years in the development of various different types of garden ‘home extension’ or ‘garden room’ as these spaces are more known as these days.

vital room space

The idea is, of course, that you can move a vital room space you want from your house to its new garden room 'location' and thus free up more room in your main home and getting extra room in the house is after all why home-owners consider extension in the first place. A garden room is a relatively quick and cost-effective way of getting more space at your home. You just need a garden with enough room to accommodate what you have in mind


There are numerous style choices of garden room builds available and we at Mint have always found it is relatively easy to find the right size garden room to suit and, of course, we can produce bespoke type rooms to suit style choice and spaces available - no problem!

rise and rise

The HomeOwners Alliance no less have extensively featured the rise and rise of the garden room in their latest newsletter and you can see more here about it here ….

usable space

The Alliance point out, quite rightly, that the garden room is a great way to get more usable space at home. Whether you need a home office, a place for the kids to hang out or a base for your passion, a garden room can be just the thing, say the Alliance. In their newsletter they indicate some of the ins and outs and facts and figures reference 'building' a garden room - How much do garden rooms cost? Do you need planning permission? What do you need to know before you start? ...and so on.

planning permission

The Alliance highlight that for planning purposes, a garden room, in most instances, can be classed as an outbuilding. Outbuildings do not require planning permission and fall into your “permitted development rights” as long as the garden room falls within a certain set of parameters.


Take note, not all properties qualify for permitted development rights point out the HOA. Such qualification may be needed if you aim to go ahead with a garden room and your home is in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for example. In such an instance you might still have permitted development rights, yet these could be reduced to half their normal allowances to 10 square metres. The HOA suggest a check on their planning permission advice schedule on whether you need to apply for permission for a garden room or not.

sofa bed

In terms of the uses of a garden room, the HOA newsletter indicates that putting a sofa bed in your garden room so that guests can occasionally stay there is fine and will not require planning permission. But if you want to sleep in it regularly or want to create a self-contained accommodation, or granny annexe, you must apply for planning permission and meet building regulations. Take note!

easier time

In other words, you’ll have an easier time getting your garden room erected if it is not used for sleeping or require a toilet. It is more likely to be viewed as an outbuilding if used as a home office, yoga studio, or workshop, than if it resembles a bedroom,say the HOA.

more detail

You can check the HOA newsletter for more detailed information such as - Which properties could and could not go for a garden room and, also, other relating issues including - Lawful development certificate requirements; Architect advice; Building regulations; Build time line; Potential build costs; Design ideas and so on.

versatile addition

For sure the HOA are right that the garden room is a versatile addition to any home, allowing you to customise a private space to suit your needs. As they say - whether you’re a bookworm, crafter, student, or personal trainer, your garden room could become a yoga or fitness studio, home office home gym games room hobby room or even a cinema ....or workshop.


We at Mint Builders would be happy to discuss any plans you may have for a garden room option at your home and how realistic an idea it really can be, if you need to find more space in your home going forward. We are ready, of course, to offer a free immediate consultation under our ‘Extend Instead’ service which is set to be re-launched for 2020.

Refurbishment, improvement and extension of your home, including a 'room' in the garden, Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home for 2020. We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have all the expert contacts on hand to help you.

Whatever your needs, please request your quotation to improve, refurbish or extend your home. Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739or email

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