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Go for a storage space ‘bonanza’ to avoid that unwanted home move right now in the face of Bre...

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

As reported so many times of late on this blog, with house prices uncertain as the Brexit confusion continues, moving home is for sure a difficult, impractical decision to take for many home-owners at the moment.

As we at Mint have found again and again, during the year so far, the expense and challenge of moving, means many are opting to stay where they are and sort out a new home extension, renovation and even an organised re-configuration instead.

space at home

There are, of course many ways to get that extra space needed. We at Mint have been kept busy in all kinds of ways getting people the extra space they need right now in the home they are currently living in.


We have built numerous, well-planned and adroitly-linked single and two storey extensions, renovated various different parts of properties - kitchens, bedrooms, lofts and basements and more - all to create much-need extra space.


We have also built garden outbuildings, put extra rooms on garages and installed ambitious garden offices. The battle has been on to help find new ‘space’ so we can stay where we are and not move!


A new area that we at Mint are now being engaged for - almost by default really - is planning and re-organising re-configuring homes. This is all about reviewing a home’s current space and re-planning the interior to make it work better and free-up more space. When doing this, a fundamental for success is often all about tackling all important storage issues throughout the property.

in vogue

This ‘new space-find’ tactic is now more than ever in vogue, as good storage, carefully planned and precisely and thoughtfully installed, in terms of design and finish, can really prove most effective in finding that extra space needed in any home space. Finding this new space enables the home-owner in question to put off a house move which as said hardly desirable right now in these troubled ‘flailing home prices’ times. Sort your storage issue and and you CAN postpone your move for now.


Storage takes many forms, of course, and we at Mint are confident we can design an produce all kinds of attractive, cost effective and imaginative storage schemes at all prices and in all materials for your home.

carefully planned

Such storage, when matched with some carefully-planned room ‘re-jigging’ and home re-furbishment, really can mean many homeowners can stay put in their home and only move when the Economy is better and the Brexit rows have ebbed a little.


Also, be sure of this - that well-considered and planned expertly presented, ‘space saving’ storage is a selling ‘plus’ for most buyers. There’s the very best chance that your storage ‘spend’ - even if on the more generous side - will be returned to you via the improved price of your home when you finally sell up and move on.

storage space bonanza

We at Mint can help make this ‘storage space bonanza’ happen as part of your new extension, re-organisation or renovation. We are well-connected with supply companies, craftsmen and concept ideas, all of which will help us find the extra space you need in your home. Get in touch and let’s plan and save you from having to move at this difficult time. We think you’ll be surprised how well your space saving storage 'bonanza' could work for you

ideas online’

To get started and get yourself thinking about how you can find the space you need, there’s no end of ideas online of course. Do a quick search perhaps – say ‘storage at home’ ...and it’s all there – large and small scale. Get those grey cells working and you’ll see just how you can bring more space to your home and thus thankfully put off that testing home move you just don’t want to make . Get surfing on the list below....and beyond as well....good luck.

Refurbishment, improvement, re-organisation, vital extra storage space and, of course, an extension - Mint offers a full development and finishing service to get you the extra space you need in your home - and to add value to. We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have all the expert contacts on hand to help you.

Whatever your need, please request your quotation to improve, refurbish or extend your home . Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739or email

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