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Good ideas for that new Summer home extension you’re pondering!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Good ideas for that new Summer home extension you’re pondering

You can’t beat a good home extension idea - and the team here at Mint research regularly - even tirelessly - in order to keep up with the trends and check out the great ideas going on all over the UK for when our clients decide they want this, that or the other for their up and coming Summer home extension.

With house prices still wavering and as many home-owners as ever still opting for a new extension as opposed to packing up and moving on to a new home, our Editor reeled in some excellent ideas and trends very much worth a viewing right now on the always informative

success stories

Check these success stories showing how to make existing spaces work harder, rather than facing higher stamp duty fees and all that expensive moving home business. As they say and we are getting to know more and more, for home owners wanting to stay put, there are plenty of inspiring and space-saving ideas to be found.

priority projects Loft extensions, kitchen renovations and extending into the garden are high on the list of priority projects, while many choose to go further by building into side returns or transforming unused garage space.

conversionAlso, what about these projects too - a conversion of two dreary Seventies garages which has produced a windowless two-storey house that offers plenty of light and when one family found a house that lacked that much-needed extra space they craved, they added a 2000-piece staircase that allowed for an additional two bathrooms and downstairs space....clever eh?

more space Meanwhile, when one set of neighbours extended out to their gardens and added 20 per cent more space, their neighbours followed suit with their own mirror-image extension - a very acute case of keeping up with the neighbours - nice!

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