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Good ideas to make an impact for your home renovation

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

We at Mint have improved many homes in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds with extensions renovations and refurbishment projects. But, we always point out to clients that home improvement and upgrades don't have to be expensive or extravagant. A lot can be achieved with a little considered thought and a modest budget – that's for sure.

Some new tiles in the bathroom, fireplaces, stair runners or even just a newly painted front door can, our clients have often told us, just offer that eye-catching lift which makes them feel just that little happier about their home surroundings - and quite right too !


Our Editor recently spotted some of these budget-conscious affordable thoughts and ideas online via Ideal Home magazine. Here is a bit of a 'taster' or two of five or so ideas for you to review.

shabby treads

Stairs are often the first thing you see of course when you walk in a house. Why not update shabby treads with a smart and stylish stair runner. Make a big impact by choosing a striped or bold coloured runner. There's a thought!


A fireplace is a wonderful focal point to any room. There are lots of cast-iron models at reasonable prices and a fireplace complements a contemporary or traditional décor perfectly.


Traditional features such as cornicing can be a truly invaluable, but so often they can get forgotten. For sure a little TLC can make all the difference. Stripping off some of that old paint and add a considered stylish subtle or even bold colour. Now that can really bring out a whole new period feature awareness and style into your room!

storage space

We all know you can never have too much storage space . So make the most of every inch with bespoke shelving. Have it fitted in whatever style and awkward sized space you desire, from alcoves, to tricky corners and every nook and cranny in-between. This is dual style and value as you have a new feature to your room and more valuable storage space too.

clever choice

Of course – don't forget the kitchen. You can transform it in an instant with a new sensibly prices worktop such as laminate, and a clever choice of tiles. The choice can be important - choose ones that give the illusion of a high-cost design. There's plenty out there – and you'll be feel really uplifted by the improvement you can achieve. It'll delight you daily as you chop your salad or whatever day on day. There's a definition of value surely and food for thought..for sure!


We at Mint are quite often surprised at how much of a difference some ingenious, well-found modest materials and items found by our clients really can make to the overall finish of a smart new extension we might just have completed for them. For sure its the detail on the 'canvas' of any extension or renovated room that so often makes the impact and adds the stylish, eye-catching most memorable pizazz.

Mint is, of course, always happy to inform and update you about the many good décor and home improvement ideas, we've come across over the years, for you to consider for your new home extension or renovation .

Refurbishment, improvement and extension, Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home.

Whatever your project plans, feel free to request your no obligation meeting to plan the improvement , refurbishment or extension of your home in the future.

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