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Great ideas to give your home more space than you ever thought possible!!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

For sure, it has been very much a theme on this blog of late, that with the housing market very uncertain due to the likes of Brexit and the general election, the best decision, probably for the whole of 2020, is, instead of moving, to extend, renovate, re-organise and improve your home, in order to get the extra space you need.

guide and advise

We at Mint, as home extension and renovation specialists, can always guide and advise all home-ownerss in Cheltenham and The Cotswolds on all kinds of measures in order to ensurehome-ownerss not only get the basic space in they need in their home in terms of extension and re-organisation, but that the space they already have is used to the very best effect too.

new’ space

If you invest, in your ‘new’ space with an extension or renovation and then also improve the liveability of your ‘old’ space with some good ideas then you can really achieve the totally ideal, revived and enjoyable overall living experience you long for in your home.

Idea’ books

Our Editor spotted some of these excellent kind of ideas online from the expert team at They have produced some very handy Idea-books, highlighting all kinds of ideas to find space in your home that you never even thought you had, covering things like smart storage, clever use of space and the value of an organised innovative de-clutter. The team point out that these kind of mini-projects can sometimes be enough to make a small home feel far larger and more ‘liveable’ than you might ever have thought possible!

As a ‘starter’ they suggest you might give a bit of thought to how you regard your rooms. Perhaps too many separated rooms can be something of a recipe for disaster in terms of small home management. Consider combining the functions of two rooms into one, where you can This might allow you to enjoy extra space, even if the extra space in question might be just a ‘box’ room offering minimal extra living value.

Another way to go is to look for ‘dead space’ that can easily be converted into handy shelving or cupboards. You'll be shocked, say the Homify ‘space-savers’ at how many locations will be suitable. Always a favourite is under your stairs, so take a look and consider it. An idea may come to you. Add those ‘space-savers - why not build inset shelves directly into your walls? They are very ‘space saving’ as they don’t jut out!


They also offer a very handy way to stimulate those further space saving ideas - “Instead of trying to think up your own ideas for making your home feel bigger, simply research how people get the most out of studio apartments! You'll find amazing mezzanine inspiration, multifunctional furniture and some of the stealthiest storage tips in these bijou homes!

That ‘big bed’

Another matter they raise is the ‘big bed’ issue. As they say, many people may indeed prefer a larger bed, perhaps with a heavy frame etc.... But, if your bedroom is straining under the weight of all your belongings, it might be time to think about a bit of an alternative, If you really can’t lose the luxury, think about adding under-bed storage drawers that pull out on castors.

landings and corridors

A further suggestion on the hunt for space might be, suggest to ponder the landings and corridors in your home. Take note .....they can be storage ‘goldmines’ waiting to be put to good effect. Building bespoke cabinets into your wall cavities will ramp up your organisation no end and make your home feel far more spacious and uncluttered.

For sure also it is often fair to say that if you have an attic that is simply going to waste, now is the time to consider a conversion! Quite right, as they say, ‘this will cost you some money, but when you compare the cost and result to the hassle of moving home, we think it is a favourable option and you could garner a whole extra space, dedicated to whatever you need’

Another sound bit of advice they offer is reference your garden. It is right that when it comes to freeing up more interior space at your property - sheds, summerhouses or ingenious bike storage facilities will all make for a far less cluttered home, especially if you don't really do much with your garden other than sitting out in it.

the spare bedroom

Next, you might also consider that spare bedroom suggest the Homify ‘space savers. Instead of having a spare room, ready for potential guests, why not use it for something more practical and necessary and install a sofa bed. Designs have come a really long way now, meaning that you can have a luxurious sofa when you want it and a sleek sofa bed when needed as well.

sliding doors

A favourite tip we really did like at Mint when it comes small homes, is to do away with standard doors and install sliding versions instead. It is quite right that sleek and minimal doors are a great space saving thought. You'll never have to try and squeeze behind an open door again!

de-clutter ‘audit’

Finally, suggest the Homify team - ‘have you considered that your home feels small because you simply have too many things in it? Perhaps it's the perfect time for a really intensive de-clutter audit and cleaning session, so if you haven't used something in a while, can't justify the space a piece of furniture takes up or simply don't like something any more, get rid of it! This goes for everything from clothes through to books and furniture.’

For more small home tips, take a look at this Homify ‘Ideas’ Book: Achieving BIG style in your small home.

Refurbishment, improvement and extension of your home. Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home. We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have all the expert contacts on hand to help you.

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