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Home extension and renovation ‘added value’ projects can surely aid any ‘challenging’ home move?  

Updated: May 28, 2023

Home extensions and renovation plans these days, since the pandemic crisis, have perhaps become more of a fundamental factor than ever before, in terms of aiding the now volatile operational financial uncertainty of the ongoing homes property marketplace.

Through the past couple of years, going forward, and now, even more so in the face of all the current desperate housing market and financial uncertainties, we can definitely say that home extension and renovating home projects will certainly make an impact as a fundamental, unavoidable part of any considered ‘moving home’ decision.

viable consideration

We suggest that extending and renovating is being viewed more and more nowadays, as an important viable consideration when financially weighing up as and when the time is indeed right, possible or feasible to make ‘full on’ home move.


Homeowners - many of them - seem more aware than ever before of the ‘tactic’ of ‘money proofing’ their home to an extent, with a renovation or extension, whether that be a major alteration or a few smaller, but telling improvement changes.

added value advantage

An extension or renovation project can, of course when required, offer vital home added value ‘advantage’ which can in turn help homeowners achieve a ‘more surefooted’ financial result when considering a ‘home’ move go ahead - and goodness knows how potentially challenging that might be in the near future…. if the past few days are anything to go by!

financially feasible

So, what type of home extension options are there to help achieve the best home ‘added value’ - that vital extra cash in the sales deal that just could make that ‘later on’ home just that little bit more surefooted and financially feasible.


Found online from Property Press Online were home renovation and extension options very much worth inspection to consider best moves to achieve that all important vital home sales price added value.

loft conversion

There’s the loft conversion - apparently one of the most popular house extension choices in London. Say the property online team - Practical, cost-effective, stylish, and achievable with minimum disruption to everyday living – these are a few of the reasons that we’ll keep seeing loft conversions.

relative ease

They add….If your roof has sufficient space, a Velux loft conversion can be achieved with relative ease. It’s simply a case of strengthening the floor, putting roof windows into the existing structure, and installing a staircase

rear extensions

Next to consider is the rear extension. Explain the property online team, Rear extensions can be either single or double-storey, depending on the design of your home and the extent of your budget, and can often include kitchens, dining/living areas, and space for a home office. These extensions add perfect ‘open plan’ space, and, as we at Mint find they are, a popular choice.

popular choice

The Side Return Extension is an extension where space is challenging. It is though a popular choice. Such an extension is all about including that unused space at the side of the home. This project can very much make a difference to space at home for now and then offer that much sought after impressive ‘added value’ when that ‘later on’ home move is ready to take place.


As the Property Online team report, this extension can offer all sorts of space making opportunities …it can enlarge the kitchen, add room for a home office, include a home gym or hobby area, or create a playroom for the kids. Also of note is garden space. Add Property Online….if this is at a premium, this might very much be your ticket to achieving that extra bit of space you so desperately need.

kitchen renovation

Many will for sure be aware too, that when it comes to best vital home ‘added value’, the kitchen renovation is - as we too at Mint find - a top choice! As they say …Whether you plan to alter the footprint of your existing kitchen or simply update what’s already there, a beautiful kitchen makeover is always an excellent added value investment.

on trend

The result of can be staggering! Flooding your kitchen with natural light is right on trend, so think about how you can maximise all available light to create that bright, airy feel. Oversized windows, glass panels in the doors, ceiling windows be prepared to think outside the box and bring in as much light as possible. Replacing the flooring is another way to lift the look of your kitchen. Tiles, vinyl plank, bamboo and cork are all durable and super trendy flooring options that are worth considering.

improve modestly

For sure, its not only about a major project - a fresh coat of paint on walls and cupboard fronts, new countertops, and some modern handles and drawer pulls produces a much improved facility and still the chance of achieving that vital ‘added-value’ winning effect.

convenience appeal

Property Online also pondered how popular the home gym project has become. They are right that it may well may not be a tip top performer in the ‘added value’ stakes., but mention though how valuable it’s ‘convenience’ appeal can be to a buyer!


As a final thought … add Property Online ….When it’s done right, a home extension can literally transform the practicality and functionality of your home …. Absolutely yes ..and the double advantage whammy of ‘added value’ too is achieved too… …and how essential and vital is that in these mad ….mad ….mad financial challenging times with looming shadows of uncertainty being cast in all directions in and around the current housing market.

so challenging!

Good luck with those choices - we are here to help you get them just right for your future in these ‘oh so challenging’ times of the homes market performance and national financial uncertainty. Never has it been more pressing or important to get YOUR ‘improve or move’ decision one way or the other dead right and do so at the best and right time too!

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to all your new home extensions or renovation ideas and plans for these challenging times both now and well on into 2023 too. We can assist with all your 2022 and 2023 home renovation priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to help refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future protective money making ‘added sales’ value, vital perhaps in these challenging times . Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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