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Home Extension or Renovation - the way to cope with it all….. according  to experts, who know ….A...

Updated: May 30, 2023

Being in the home extension business for many years, we at Mint Builders are certainly very much aware how responsive we need to be to our customers’ needs and demands when we do indeed begin an extension or renovation project within their homes.

For sure, doing so - we very much recognise - is a huge ‘must’. We totally understand how a home re-modelling - extension or renovation - does so, so impact on day to day life within a home in so many different ways. We always, of course, strive to be sure that when we handle a project, we do so as considerately as we can…. in all respects. We hope we always aim to succeed in doing so!

delivering ‘best can’

It IS for us, for sure, as we see it, all about ensuring your client’s life remain as manageable as possible, while we are at their home doing all that we need to do to deliver the best possible, best finished ‘on budget’ home re-modelling or extension in all respects.

better in every way

Our aim is to make future life at their home better in every way we can for the future - and hopefully also to add vital sales value to your property to considerable advantage when that all important future sale may be required.

coping advice

The expert Real Homes team we noted online have been offering some well-considered advice of late, on the many ways to cope ‘best can’ with a home renovation day to day - for sure a sensitive but most useful ‘read’ in many.. many respects!

The Real Homes team highlighted how to prepare for a key home extension or renovation and how to make a home project remodelling process as manageable an experience as possible - keeping stress at bay and day to day life as calm and organised as possible …and quite right too!

exciting prospect too

The Real Homes advisers indicate that, “While the prospect of a home remodel appears to be an exciting, event that’ll lead to your sparkling new dream home, the process itself and the renovation stress incurred, can at times leave a certain amount to be desired.

most testing

They mention a recent survey of 1,003 people from Toolstation - …..which revealed that 60% of home renovations can impact people's general well-being, and certain aspects of the process can cause stress levels to ease upwards. Apparently, says the survey, it is kitchen remodels that are the most testing….closely followed by an overhaul in the bathroom...

smooth and pain-free

Add the Real Home experts further … We are of course big advocates of curating a home that’s perfect for you, and often that does involve a renovation. So, what can we do to ensure the process is as smooth and pain-free as possible? We’ve chatted to a therapist, an organisation guru and two of our very own current renovators to share how best to prepare perhaps for your renovation to keep stress levels low and excitement high….useful food for though wouldn’t you say ?

sensitive summary

The ‘headline’ approaches to follow from this sensitive ‘exercise’ might well be, in summary, …1. Clear out as much as possible …. 2. Prepare for things to take longer then planned ……. 3. Plan your Amenities ….4. Keep on Cleaning …5. Maintain your healthy habits ….and finally …very much true ..true …true ths is ….Remember your health is important too!!!!

good luck!

Get the lowdown and detailed words of wisdom here ….and good luck with your home renovation - and if it’s with us .. you can be sure, we at Mint have taken note of ALL the considered guidance advice scheduled on the above link from these experts … Also, remember, we have renovated our own homes too …in our Owner’s case …very recently! We always try …try.. try and take all the ‘expert’ points of view referenced here ….very much too heart ….you can be very sure of that!

We at Mint Builders are, of course, very experienced in managing numerous types and sizes of renovation projects. We pride ourselves on our expertise in managing all works in all respects, with sensitivity and consideration, in order to ensure day to day life can continue as feasibly and comfortably as possible for all those living within the ‘project underway’ property.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to discuss refurbishment or extension of your home to achieve for you and yours more enjoyable ‘liveability’ energy saving potential and increased future sales value when you feel it’s time to sell-up later on. We will always strive, in all respects, to manage your project with your day to day living needs, requirements and pressures vey much in mind! Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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