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Home extensions - a good move right now due to planning changes and added value potential….

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

We have been posting  a good deal here recently reference the advantage of considering a home extension during the year ahead, instead of pressing on with a home move for extra space and thus facing the pressures of the current ‘revved-up’ housing market where prices are rising as fast as they have for years.

With a home extension build in the near future looking to be a better way forward than selling up and moving - in terms of improving life at your home - here are some clarifying thoughts and basic guidance advice regarding the the key issue of home extensions and planning permission. 

planning changes

As is now well-known, of course, relatively revolutionary planning permission changes have taken place in fairly recent times. Now, certain home extensions, under permitted development terms, can go ahead without formal planning permission being sought!

guidance and help

For sure, there are quite a few issues and rules to get sorted out ready for a new home extension project and, of course, we, at Mint, will be able to guide and help your new extension plans in every way you need.

confidence and success

It is worth making the point that once you know the rules, then you can, of course, move forward to achieve a new home extension with confidence and success. Doing so, means you could well be taking THE best most viable financial course possible in the face of the current challenging price rises on the up…up…up….. in today’s housing market.

key rules

There are still key planning rules of numerous types to follow, of course, when it comes to building an extension, even though these days not every home extension requires a planning permission, as indeed it did in years gone by.  design factors

It is fair to say - up to a point - that if you want to extend to the side of your home or build a two-storey extension you may well be able to avoid the whole planning permission paraphanalia -  but, as there so often is, there can be situations, where this may not be the case -  an example relates to certain design factors of your planned extension.  interact

But, even if your extension comes under permitted development rights ..and so you avoid going through a formal planning application, you may well still need to interact with your local council over certain issues such as the size of your planned extension and the need to get an all important lawful development certificate. 

wrap-around extension

Factors affecting the still quite newly established, all-important no planning permission situation, includes house types, the size of your planned project and whether your project relates to a basement or involves a ‘wraparound-style’ extension approach. The design and look of your project is also a consideration. Best chance to qualify under the ‘no planning’ permission scenario is if your project is - shall we say - conservative and more straightforward in look and style. 


And don’t forget - any uncertainty in your mind  - we’ll do all we can to guide and advise you, so that your extension happens in as hassle a free way as possible with regard to its planning and all other matters of key decision and timing. 

worthwhile value Successfully extending your property will surely mean you WILL,for sure, add very worthwhile value to your home, thus making a ‘later-on’ home move more financially viable at some time in the future when the current housing market price pressures will hopefully have eased. 


An extension is for sure a more realistic consideration than ever…. with less planning red tape for one thing,  and also, for the chance to add value to your current home to ease housing market financial pressures in the future.        

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions, ideas and planning of your new home extension or renovation. We can assist with all priority planning and organisation of your home project.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home to help achieve increased future sales value. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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