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'Home Extensions' TV programme ends - now its the turn of the 'House of the Year'

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

credit reference - Channel 4 TV

So, it seems, the Channel 4 Home Extensions programme, launched a short time ago has run it course for now - and the always eye-catching and prestigious 'House of the Year' is now live for a few weeks …and that is always an intriguing and varied watch.

This 'Extraordinary Extensions' programme, running over recent weeks for its 'swansong' covered the extension and conversion of a commercial building into a three-storey home, which appropriately - what with Glasgow COP26 to the fore right now - ideally focused extensively on energy efficiency.

‘green’ performance

This was achieved via installation of a totally airtight truly ‘passive’ finish to the home. This was to the point of even having to consider installing a special £1000 plus cat-flap to maintain the airtight ‘green’ performance of the property. Seems cats feel that need to be ‘green’ too eh?

home extension projects

This particular programme also highlighted certain example details and visuals of a number of other varied Home extension projects. This variety content approach created in some respects a more rewarding and general interest programme than the earlier offerigns in the series. There was as a 'starter' a ‘best value’ London project, highlighting an extension, that cunningly developed a very mini home!

total re-cycling

Then there was also the building of an extension onto a Farmers Cottage, which trebled the property’s overall size. This too was a special eco-friendly project, with aspects of total re-cycling well to the fore reference it’s design and specification. It’s shape and the used materials and textures, created a finished ‘home’ that was original, but also still in many ways very much ‘on trend’.

sprayed-on rubber

There was another ecological project too, which was located on the Isle of Man. This was a project that used a new style cladding ‘coat’ - sprayed-on rubber - creating a seamlessly attractive and water proofed presentation intriguingly effective, original and pleasingly visual.

natural and charred wood

Also, getting a mention was an original wooden extension built onto a Victorian house, using natural and charred oak and ash wood as a cladding. This was certainly original, eye-catching and very much a wooden extravaganza of a home extension …

glass strip ‘link’

Other projects given a brief mention was a Mid-west style American extension, neatly partnered with what was a more traditional Edwardian-age house. A lead 'feature' was a neat, glass strip link between the original area of the home and the well-presented extension.

marble cladding

A stunning presentation of marble use as cladding on an eye-catching extension also got a mention. The marble was boldly partnered in stunning contrast to the home’s rather unlikely concrete floor installation.


A key example of effective modern glass use within older buildings was the presentation centrepiece of a superb extension with a hugely impressive glazed dome - very remarkable in its delivery.

glass extension orangery

Finally, for a second time in the series, Gloucestershire - our home County here at Mint - got another mention - reference a glass extension orangery, linked to a special historic house . Eye-catching it was for sure, with it’s stunning seemingly floating ceiling effect involving remarkable sturdy glass beams - it won an award too….

worth a watch

Another programme worth a watch perhaps if you have an home extension in mind might be George Clarke’s Old House - New Home covering more regular Home extension ideas perhaps.... more so than the aforementioned Extraordinary Extensions programme has done.

Stroud farmhouse

It is also on Channel 4 and this past week this programme was again actually in Mint ‘territory’ ....sorting out an eyecatching re-organising extension on a historic Georgian Stroud farmhouse ….. ....a nice job it was too!

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to your new home extension or renovation as well as all priority planning and organisation of your project for late Winter ….and on into 2022.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and increased future sales value in these vaccination focused Covid crisis times. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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