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Home Owners Alliance guidance on planning your 2021 home extension ....

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Spotted online by our Editor this week was some excellent, well-considered and targeted guidance and advice on considering a home extension or improvement project for your home, compliments of the always well-informed, successful and increasingly influential Home Owners Alliance.

We at Mint Builders in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds continue to hear of more and more home-owners considering some changes at their homes to boost the value and 'liveability' of their property as Covid Lock-down Number Three 'kicks in'. The good sound advice of the HOA is certainly worth a review. For sure they are a well-connected organisation who 'know their stuff' .…........ so read on!

valuable way

There is no doubt that extending your home is a valuable way of not only getting increased, better space you want, but also a sound step to add value to your property in the future. As the HOA make clear with the hassle and cost right now of moving house – from legal fees to stamp duty and much more – the reasons to stay put and improve your existing home instead - particularly as things are now are for sure THE most tempting of options.

happy to help

Whether you’re thinking of a garage extension, side extension, double or single storey rear extension, there is, of course, much to consider suggests the HOA –

.......and we at Mint Builders are also, of course, happy to give you a guiding hand at any stage of your thought process and planning regarding your 2021 home extension. So, of course, get in touch as you feel you need to and we look forward to hearing from you and helping you every way we can.

Considered advice

So, here below is just some of the expert, considered advice from the HOA to help you and yours get get your minds around your possible new home extension or refurbishment project during the year ahead. For sure such projects can have various sometimes very challenging angles and issues! The key over-riding thought perhaps is will your plan add important value to your home? Says the HOA team, “As with any big home improvement project, it’s worth sense-checking your plans before you dive in. Unless money is no object, it’s worth speaking to a good local estate agent who can give a view on whether your plan would add value to your home. They should also be able to give you an indication of how much it would increase the value by, which may help inform your budgeting for the project. Our guide to home renovation costs can also help with budgeting.

planning issues

As you know, we on this blog have highlighted extensively the Permitted Development and planning permission requirements involved in a home extension project these days. This is how the HOA sees it:- “You can undertake some extension projects without the need for planning permission, referred to as your “permitted development rights”.Under the rules, a rear wall of a detached home can be extended by 8m to the rear if it is a single storey property, and 3m if it is double storey. This is reduced to 6m in a semi or terraced house”.


That is not all either – Adds the HOA, “There are also height restrictions: a single storey extension - not being higher than 4m in height to the ridge and the eaves, and ridge heights of any extension not being higher than the existing property. Also, double storey extensions mustn’t be closer than 7m to the rear boundary.

other conditions

The HOA also quite rightly mention that there are other conditions that must be met. For example, if the extension is more than half the area of land around the original house, you WILL need planning permission. Also, extensions must be built with similar materials to the existing property.

permitted development

It is, of course, important to find out whether or not your extension plans fall within the key very important, newly revised Permitted Development guidelines. The HOA are clear on these matters - different planning rules may also apply if your home is in a Conservation Area, and if any renovations are planned to what is a Listed Property. Their advice this being the case is, quite rightly, that you will need to obtain 'listed building consent' in such an instance. Something to definitely check out for sure!

Sometimes difficulties arise getting planning permission for all kinds of reasons. The HOA has an online guide on what to do when a planning application is refused. They quite rightly suggest that if such problems do emerge, the answer seek is to seek local advice from a recommended Planning Consultant or informed builder contact you know.


We at Mint can of course help. We have great links with well-informed Planning Consultant contacts, who can see to it that you are doing all you should be in terms of ensuring you get off on the right foot with your project and get it under-way correctly as and when you wish to do so.

more help

More help on the ins and outs of planning your home extension from the excellent Home Owners Alliance here on this Blog shortly. Also you can go online here right now

There, you will find a wide range of further vital key information to help get your home extension or renovation project under-way without difficulty and delay. There is also an excellent monthly newsletter produced by the HOA – very much worth signing up for, which you can also do online.

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with any questions and ideas relating to the priority planning and organisation of your home extension or renovation for Spring 2021. We have the expert contacts on hand to ensure your new extension gets sorted exactly as it should be.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for when the COVID-19 crisis - thanks to recent exciting vaccine successes may eventually start to ease – fingers crossed! Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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