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Home project decor advice and guidance with a difference perhaps - but, just not to be missed!

We at Mint Builders like to think we always give the most important, considered and stimulating  guidance and ideas on this blog of ours. We, of course, scan the World Wide Web diligently to collect the most interesting and significant information to assist you with all aspects of your planned  home extension or renovation projects.

A wonderful presentation

Spotted online just the other day from those excellent Real Homes people was a wonderful presentation, offering all kinds of varied and interesting advice to help your home project turn out to be just right in all respects.


This particular week, the Real Homes team really were in quite challenging mode, highlighting information with 'a bit of a difference' It certainly caught our eye! The Real Homes team were offering - how shall I put it - some, somewhat very much ‘to the point’ ...essential  decor guidance and advice -  excellent and very firmly..... AND clearly put too!

serious surprises

They offered 'ins and outs' reference on all kinds of decor situations.  Their eye- catching ‘starter’ was.... Six outdated living room trends to steer clear of in 2024…. That made us think! But that was not all of it either …They make the point … that there is a very much an odd 'spoiler alert' or two looming … and some serious surprise guidance too!

good advice

Their excellent ‘get it right’ guidance advice offering included such as …. 'Don’t make these 5 hallway decor mistakes' …. Well, that’s right - if it’s good advice… and it is  …you gotta say it the way it

making their point

All very much about making THE point for sure as if you mean it! There is nothing wrong with that, of course -  the right information - even if what to avoid doing -  is absolutely most important too to get that all important room decor right!

beating round the bush

Then there was.... 4 things to get rid of in your kitchen cabinets - well there you go … if that’s what they feel is best …. there’s no point beating about the bush - if yours seems wrong… or not very right you get it changed to get it absolutely right perhaps …I mean wouldn’t you say?

too much stuff

On then to …How to organise your kitchen with too much ‘stuff’ - that IS the stuff that the RIGHT advice is indeed made of …say it the way it is…and why not?

a relaxed thought

Also, to end on ..a more relaxed thought. The best colours for a small bedroom … that seems harmless enough to get to know about   …wouldn’t you say …and also the right colour that can make all the difference …so take note!

sound like you mean it..

All good stuff and advice though…. I mean..if you know…and the Real Homes team DO know … go for it you mean it and know that you mean it too……All great stuff. Check here ...... ….you’ll love it …. after all, who doesn’t want to get these things right eh?

an informative ‘read’

So, yes another telling and VERY useful informative read that says it the way it is …and nothing wrong with that!! …So, we at Mint will say again… to get it all right best can …Go Online here….  …to Real Homes… and get on that decor sorted!

not to be missed

For sure you’ll get the advice you need right  there…and very much not to be missed. Yes, it’s very firmly put… but it's all very sound, well-considered advice too  …….Nice!!…very nice!, …for sure, very much 'a bit different' in some ways too perhaps… but, check it out anyway ... nothing wrong with that!

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas and much practical advice too relating to your new home project and plans.We can assist with your 2024  home renovation priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future protective money-making ‘added sales value’, never more vital than now. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 

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