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Homeowners Club back more vintage furniture use to aid our environmental future!

Updated: May 24, 2023

Recently, here on this blog, we introduced the Homeowners Club, a free to join, on-line club for anyone with a home or who might be planning to buy one. The Homeowners Club has a busy website covering all kind of news about the home market, providing DIY tips, and key information on the likes of Home Finance and much more too!

The Homeowners’ free newsletters are full of information and offers related to homes. Click the link here - Join the Homeowners Club -  to become a member. Also, if you  are a homeowner, or even operate in a home related business perhaps, the Club would be pleased to hear about any of your home-owning or home-buying stories. The Club offers all kinds of tips and advice, and encourages homeowners to share useful information and  home experiences with their 400,000+ club membership. If you wish to make contact, this is the relevant email to use…

guidance and advice

The Homeowners Club -  in a recent newsletter - focused on some guidance and advice on a topic of ever-growing interest - namely how retro furniture style is becoming more and more popular, driven by the whole, fast-growing, nostalgia, fashion interest. It highlighted how the growing demand for sustainable furniture and design is soaring as the whole environmental, ‘no waste’ issue, we are all so much aware of, goes on gaining popularity year on year, with so many home-owners, both throughout the UK, and indeed World-wide too! 

conscious behaviour

Add the Homeowners club team, “Promoting environmentally-conscious behaviour within any home has long gone beyond discussions of foods and chemicals, and is now focusing on things like materials, paintings, and furniture. The team add that the Millennial generation’s rising interest in antique furniture and décor is illuminating the future, while the industry investigates various production processes and encourages extensive re-cycling.

popular choice

There are a good few, fast-growing reasons - say the club -as to why antique furniture is becoming a popular choice for so many people, and why this trend is predicted to continue growing more and more in the future. The Homeowners Club team are keen to share its predictions for these growing, fast-developing furnishing environmental-driven trends.

lifestyle demands

Add the Homeowners club team, “Over the past couple of decades, we’ve witnessed quick and easy furniture sweeping over the business landscape. The disposable flat-pack slowly crept into our lives, cheap and convenient, promising easy and uncomplicated answers to our shifting lifestyle demands.”

temporary ‘functional’ item

The Homeowners club point out that in the past, it was all too easy, not so long ago, to view furniture as something of a ‘temporary’ item, merely functional and made to endure just a few years before being thrown away. They add that this way of thinking has been putting further strain on the environment over time, and they add, that it is no longer, feasible to pretend that such an approach is, these days, in any way an acceptable, sustainable practice.

ethical practices

They add, “The source of the production materials is also now being investigated. Although environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and renewable resources may increase the cost of the furniture, consumers are, it seems, often willing to pay a premium to reward such businesses for their ethical practices.

craftsmanship of the past

They point out that choosing vintage means the way to go is all about utilising what is already in place. It entails, they say,  paying respect to the craftsmanship of the past and appreciating ‘excellence’ that has lasted the test of time. By choosing vintage, say the Homeowners Club, we can all further help reduce waste and, also, increase our access to long-lasting furniture, which relieves strain on landfills and thus the environment .

vintage furniture

Very much a vital issue to be sure  - so, to explore more from the ever-informative Homeowners Club - and it’s commitment and interest in this vital environmental approach reference vintage furniture use for the future good of the environment - go here:-….. 

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