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Extend Now ….Add Value ….Move Later ….. Your home’s way ahead for ‘uncertain’ 2023?

Updated: May 15, 2023

So…… here’s a challenge ….What, in reality, IS the likely outlook for 2023, reference the housing market and house prices…latest to be seen this week is a predicted, imminent 40 per cent price-drop forecast for all type and sizes of homes! 

For sure, for so many companies in the housing biz, like ourselves, the housing outlook IS without doubt very much THE question of the moment right now and - as we see it - probably, the key question, perhaps, for the rest of the whole of the year ahead!

tough to say

The housing market is a tough call indeed to assess right now. It’s tough to say what, in reality, will indeed happen this year! What approach in the ‘caution’ stakes will homeowners be favouring as 2023 ticks along? During the the months ahead, will homeowners, ‘shrug off’ the dark uncertain outlook and boldly face up to the vagaries and uncertainties of the housing market anyway?


Suggestions are - it seems to us - that many will just plunge in and move home anyway. It won’t be because they need to move - but, because they definitely WANT to move after all the post Covid delays. We detect right now that a good deal of families are ‘talking’ themselves round’ with a lot of ‘it’s no problem’ tough talk ….such as …. ‘we want to move’…so we will! If this happens - and it seems sure to - a testing 2023 is looming, for sure, all over the housing marketplace this year!


We at Mint Builders…are sceptical about this ‘to hell with it - let’s go’ approach. We have a clear idea that a considered, longer term, more cautious option deserves the most thought ……and not all the talked of, the quite startling, cut and thrust ‘let’s get moving right now’ sentiments!

realistic ‘sense’

We are maintaining that for 2023, there is a still a more realistic, sensible attitude needed….and that is… if you do need more room at home the option of extending and improving and so adding value for later on when market momentum ….is a more sure a way to go, offering as it should do, valuable additional control and home-living certainty.


As we see it, the pressures of the past couple of years still exist to a fair extent in this year of 2023…. as indeed they did in 2022 ….and 2021. We very much see a place for our ‘well-used’ Extend Now…Move Later stance. Experts suggest too that this message seems the right ‘good deal’ option for this current year.

add value

Why? Well, ’Extend Now - Move Later’ suggests - we think - that you can stay clear of the uncertainty looming for what looks like the next nine months reference the current torridly-fluctuating housing market AND that you can spend this key ‘pause time’ with a home improvement or extension project, which means you will add value to your home and are therefore better placed to respond to any housing market momentum that is predicted to build up by the end of the Summer.


This is, in many respects, IS a sound way to go, as we see it. The word is anyway ….that it MUST be worth some thought surely?


Also, what is vital….vital… vital, of course, is to consider – before you start that extension – you assess for sure the extent to which your new extension or renovation can REALLY add those extra vital monies to your home’s potential sales-price value, which is a key essential for many homeowners to help meet the challenging future looming ahead for 2023!

Those excellent HomeOwners Alliance people have views worth considering on all these vital matters too - particularly ensuring you successfully achieve the essential, key added value you need! Check them on line ..they say for example…. “As with any big home improvement project, it’s worth ‘sense-checking’ your home extension plans before you ‘dive in’.

definite ‘added-value

‘Sense-checking’ is all about getting things ‘right’ with the backing of a quality Estate Agent, so that you DO know, for sure, whether your extension or renovation plans WILL definitely indeed, achieve that all important ‘added value’ that you are looking for to boost the value of your home for a brighter end of 2023 selling performance. It is THE essential thing to know right now - we think!

effective planning

For sure a good Estate Agent should be very much able to give you an indication of how much your plans can increase your home’s value for 2023. Knowing this clearly, so, so helps and can ensure you effectively and correctly plan and set your approach to the vital budgeting of your home extension or renovation project.


You can check all the ‘ins and outs’ on the vital HOA ‘guide’ to home renovation costs. It should certainly be very worthwhile to take a look at, in order to help with that very, very vital project budgeting and that ‘added value’ home price increase you so …so need for your home for 2023.

check it all out

So, go here for ALL the best advice you may surely need…..including guidance on planning…..those very vital permitted development rights, home insurance and leaseholder issues, and listed property rules, building regulations…. etc…. etc …. There’s more too …..and all not to be missed in order to be sure YOUR project succeeds for you in ALL respects!!

financial success

So get set, more here on this blog soon about all the ins and outs of home extending and renovating to achieve THE best possible financial success with your home’s future value or sale, for 2023 and beyond…….Good luck with it all …. It does… does… does seem to be - as we see it - a ‘real’ feasible and most sensible way to try to play the housing prices battle ahead for us all for 2023 !

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to your new home extension or renovation ideas and plans for the 2023 challenging times ahead. This includes, of course, ensuring your new spaces are energy conscious and competitive reference all aspects of energy re-sourcing. We can assist with ALL your 2023 home renovation, priority planning and project organisation plans - whatever they may be!

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future-protective, money-making added sales value….. never more vital than it is now! Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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