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Improving ‘liveability’ and adding value too - another in-demand home re-furbishment from Mint Bu...

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

A quality new bathroom in any home is all planning to get best use of space available.

The demand for home re-refurbishment and extension could certainly be said at this particular time to be in a something of a uniquely buoyant situation.  You may have seen an interesting statistic that appeared online  of late -and that was that there has been a steady impressive growth in the number of home extensions built in England over the past few years - in excess of around 110,000 of them don’t you know!

These are impressive figures for sure and they have occurred due to the coming together of numerous different sets of very particular circumstances the like of which had never existed before.

Brexit 'factor'

The first of these ‘special’ circumstances is that very well known Brexit factor - an issue, which is far from being sorted right now. This particular uncertainty has played havoc with house prices already and seems like it might go on doing so for a time yet. For sure over recent times, if people needed more space, the ‘extend and refurb’ approach has been and continues to be a better bet in these times of uncertain house prices, than packing up and moving to a new property.

Modern day simple bathroom styling..... a spacious 'now' feel to have you singing the shower!

new planning rules

That’s not all of it. The recent permanent agreement by the Government of rules ending the need for planning permission for certain sized extensions and other improvement works might be said to be a further encouragement to extend your current home instead of moving to a new property with all the moving fees to pay and the present selling price uncertainties .

added value

It’s a fact also that there has been much proven information of late indicating just how much added value can be achieved with a well-planned, well designed extension or re-refurbishment. The approach has therefore been for many - “yes, we do need more space but it’s not a good time to move - so we will extend and improve our own place for now and enjoy the new convenience and space in our home until all the Brexit nonsense sorts itself out and then we can sell and move on - with the advantage in the selling price of the improvement works we have undertaken....”

market value

For sure, all kinds of extension and re-refurbishment, if done with thought, organisation and planning and also, in step with the relating market value of the property, are certainly a sound investment for the future. Shrewd home-buyers can realise their extensions and re-furb investment money in the added value price they pick up for their home when they do sell..

extra facility

There are, of course, numerous different types of extension and re- refurbishment to consider. We at Mint have recently planned and completed, an excellent, very worthwhile re-refurbishment project - which has given a good deal of extra facility to the property concerned, and will also offer added value to its sale price in the future.

valuable addition

The property is located in popular Prestbury village, just a short drive from Regency Cheltenham, where we at Mint are located. We, as a business, have worked around Cheltenham and the Cotswolds over many years on numerous residential extension and re-refurbishment projects, both large and small.

This project was a relatively simple, but it is fair to say that the work we carried out has made a very valuable addition to the day to day ‘liveability’ of the home and also hopefully also to the added sale value of the property for the future.

guest suite

The project involved creating from scratch in the home, a new guest suite in the attic with its own bathroom. Alongside we also refurbished the home’s current family bathroom. Moreover we also took the opportunity to renew key roof works which included installing vital insulation to the roof of the property

Add a smart new bathroom - extra value when you sell for sure!


Adds Simon West, Mint Builders MD, “This is the sort of project that can make such a difference to a fairly everyday home in so many ways. These works were modest, but for sure achieved a lot for this home as a whole. The set-up of the new guest suite meant a whole new living space - and it was truly a private space as it had its own bathroom.


Then, also there was the valuable work on the roof with the addition of the vital new insulation. This offered extra all round warmth to the house as a whole and the new guest suite too of course. This will mean lower heating bills too going forward - always worth having!


Finally we carried out a stylish refurb of the family bathroom while we were in the property working on the new Guest suite - and bathrooms, of course, add best value to most homes, just like kitchens and original features do. Just the job it is! This was a most worthwhile modest project, which delivered comfort, extra space and lower energy bills for now and added value for the future - its a win win all round one might say,” added Simon.

Whateverextension or refurbishment you need for your home, Mint offers a full development and finishing service to help give you home more space and add value too. We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have including the new the ‘ins and outs’ of planning issues . We have all the expertise on hand to help you.

Whatever your need, please request your quotation to extend, improve or refurbish your home . Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739or email

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