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Just one of the home project ‘choices’ to consider to add future vital ‘sales price value’ to YOUR home!

For sure, there are all kinds of home projects to consider if you need more space at home. We at Mint, of course, handle all kinds of different projects for homeowners during a typical trading year.

‘essential’ project choice

Whatever project you decide on - as we have stressed frequently here on this blog - a key vital and - for most  - essential aspect of your project choice, approach and budgeting, is that, when completed, the project DOES effectively and  positively help achieve the ……best possible added home sales price value for your home…..when sold in both the near ...and further future!

a ‘challenging’ property market 

This ‘make your project add effective sales  price value’ requirement has been more essential than probably ever before over recent times. This has been due to the particularly challenging financial outlook of the property market, relating to the likes of general interest rate rises and also high -pressure, mortgage price rate rises and costs.

Extend Now - Move Later

We at Mint promoted a key consideration in this challenging scenario outlook with our  Extend Now - Move Later message. This highlighted the key point that carrying out the  right, carefully-planned and well-costed home project for now WILL add vital the home sales value to most - if not all - properties. This can help  make a  ‘later on’  home move more possible, affordable and viable than it would  otherwise  have been.

worthwhile project

One such project choice for added sales value might certainly be the loft conversion. The ‘always on the case’ HomeOwners Alliance highlighted online recently the ins and outs of loft conversions, as a key project to consider for those looking for a worthwhile, sales value earning feasible home project to consider.  They point out that the costs of such projects….  “can vary considerably depending on the type of loft conversion, the size, the complexity of the project and your property’s location”.

advice ‘guide’

The HOA presented a comprehensive 'advice guide' reference many aspects of considering a loft conversion for your home  - and it is certainly worth a review here …… This guide offers guidance as to checking up  the ins and outs of embarking on this type of project to improve your home AND get that vital added future sales value too!

all aspects’

This HOA guide here  covers all aspects of consideration for a project of this type.

questions and considerations

This expert guidance schedule is from Angela Kerr and includes all the key questions and considerations including such as - Why do a loft conversion…. and is a loft a feasible useable space and also - How will I use the loft space?

still more advice

Other key guiding information also included which needs to be pondered perhaps includes …    ‘Who should I use to do my loft conversion’  and… ‘Can I convert the loft myself?  There is also further, wide-ranging guidance too, covering numerous other  ‘key’ matters too… such as  planning permission and building regulations for a loft conversion and also, the need, or otherwise, for a ‘party wall’ agreement.

conversion project costs

Most essentially there is also a rundown on the all important outlook regarding feasible informed conversion project costs essential to grasp correctly  the future value you could achieve for your home by go ahead with a loft conversion project!

Good luck - add value!

Lots more to consider… and lots more of the detail here…. …. Good luck with adding vital sales value to your home for a later on successful home sale, whether by a loft conversion ... or  any other type of home project you eventually might choose.…..

happy to help

Of course,  either way ….if we can ..we, at Mint are happy to help and make your chosen home extension plans happen for you and yours ….whatever they may be !

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas - and much practical advice too - relating to your new home project and plans, whatever they may be. We can surely assist with your 2024  home renovation priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future-protective, money-making ‘added sales value’, never more vital than now. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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