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Lighting up your life with a home refurb or extension!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Light... light and more light! That's the demand from many homeowners when we at Mint Builders meet to discuss a potential new home extension of refurbishment.

As reported here on this blog of late, the COVID-19 lockdown we have found, is actively encouraging many families to look at changes to their homes. We at Mint Builders have been kept busy with a range of projects through the Summer and people are looking ahead as to planning possible changes at their home on into 2021 - and doing so quite actively, – with a view to beating that second, Covid 'spike' so much talked about!

building in 'light'

When it comes to home refurbs and extensions, for sure, building in more light to almost any home extension is more to the fore than ever perhaps now. Those very well known 'bring in the light' window people, Velux, have been focusing on some special tools online at showing the before and after when it comes to getting as much light into your extension as you can. Its a useful tool, that is worth checking out.

key decision

Whether it is to be a pitched or flat roof extension is something of a key decision and one that is to the fore, reference to that all-important 'let in the light' question. Check online for one of the perfectly excellent Velux eBooks offering thoughts and advice you may find useful on that perfect 'daylight-in' solution for your refurb or extension project.


As Velux say, “Whether you are at the beginning of your extension journey, or have your initial plans in place, our Velux Extensions eBook is full of inspiration with practical tips to help you create your dream space.”....and of course in doing so... make it light .. light … light! For sure, as Velux state, particularly in these so so uncertain times making the very most your extension or refurb is more important than perhaps ever before!


In any event - its quite right in what they say - that when you think about how much time you spend indoors, you can't help but realise how important it is to bring the outside inside... and make it Light.... Light.... Light.


For sure – and they are dead right again. Daylight and fresh air have the power to transform an extension into a space the whole family wants to spend time in. Take a look below and explore the two different spaces and see how to maximise an extension by bringing the outside light... inside.

right type and size

For sure, they are right - the right windows of the right size and type in the right place of your new room space, means your extra light home extension can be the enjoyable success you expect and want it to be.


Velux claim doing it right in terms of a refurb or extension can bring in more than TWICE the daylight – and doing that is often the no1 consideration right now for people for their extension or refurbishment. We at Mint will also mention that Velux have a special interactive extensions mini-guide to view online, which you can save to your computer, iPad or smartphone for easy access. Fair enough!

light light-right!

There you can discover hints and tips on filling your space with daylight! See before and after images of the difference various windows can make to your extension and see ideas for either flat roof or pitched roof extensions. If well planned and correctly presented, any extension can get the right light thus delivering a successful enjoyable extension environment.

For refurbishment, improvement and extension of your home - and also getting the 'light right', we at Mint Builders can offer a full development and finishing service to add value and better light-filled 'liveability' space to your home going forward into this Autumn and on into 2021.

We are here to help with any questions or concerns – including getting the light right. We have all the expert contacts on hand to help you gain the changes at home you now need. Please request your project planning and quotation visit to improve, refurbish or extend your home for the future. Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739 or email

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