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Maximising space in home renovations is a priority

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

photo Adrian Lourie

Particularly in inner City areas, a key battle these days is making the best, no actually the very best, of the space available when renovating and extending a property. Of course, we at Mint always work closely with clients on their projects to ensure the rebest use is made of every little bit of space in their extension, new kitchen re-furb or upstairs conversion.

An ultimate example of maximising space was spotted by our Editor online this week. This was all about stretching maximising space to the limit in so many ways ! The Independent, reports  it here:-

4 car parking spaces!

In this project, maximising space in a modest apartment was performed to almost 'Tardis' like proportions! Believe or not this property had a 'footprint' size of just four car parking spaces – and, yes, it really has been transformed by a very clever couple into a remarkably spacious and stylish two storey home.

new career

Transforming this very modest flat into 'The Tardis' hasn’t only given Sara L’Esperance, 29, and Michael Putman, 42, their perfect home — it’s also even given them the confidence to embark on a new career! Since this space busting event, both of them have left their jobs as architects and set up a new design property design business to together develop their property space maximising activities still further.


The design of the apartment has won a residential commission which will allow them to tilt at more, ingenious, cunning micro-flat design for the future. Their prototype shows how to get the most out of a difficult space on a minimal budget. Through skilful design ,they’ve managed to transform a dark and dated 60 square metres into a light-filled two-bedroom home/office with 77 sq metres of floor space, including two bedrooms, a dining room and masses of inbuilt storage..,.. no really!


Three years ago Sara and Michael discovered City View House. The early 1900s Kearley & Tonge biscuit factory had been crudely converted into flats in 1988, but the original features had been plastered over and windows boarded up. The pair lived in the apartment for a year to understand its potential before starting on their 'Tardis' conversion – the rest, as they say... is history!


Reported the Independent further not so long ago, “One of the factory’s large baking rooms on the first floor, the flat has soaring 3.5 metre-high ceilings with large south-facing windows. “It was really fun to knock down the dividing walls and reveal the huge windows. We discovered lovely two-tone glazed bricks that we used to form the colour palette for the conversion,” explains Michael

private spaces

The couple wanted to achieve the open feeling of a loft, but at the same time create private spaces for dining, working, bathing and sleeping. Conventionally, designing a layout is approached in plan. But by thinking vertically, they managed to add in a 9m square guest bedroom, 6sq mof storage and a small office on two mezzanine levels.

cheap materials

With everything having been taken out, two living pods — pieces of “inhabitable furniture” — structure the space. Made from simple cheap materials such as timber studs and plywood for bracing, the pods have multiple functions.


The bathroom pod creates a partition for a dining room and has storage space in the wall, as well as making the platform for the guest room above. The kitchen pod works even harder. It has a mini-office above and also forms a headboard for the bed behind it. Between the two pods is the living room. Relatively small, it feels enormous because all the spaces flow into each other. A digital projector above the front door transforms a large white wall into a cinema


This clever design provides both privacy and openness at the same time. The bedroom flows into the entrance space so that it benefits from natural light, and also has a large walk-in wardrobe which is used a good deal. Cunning storage was incorporated into as many places as possible throughout the property even including the stairs which were an unlikely 'reveal' of plywood boxes.”


So, there you have it – ultimate property 'space- maximising' in action! A remarkable , even revolutionary, property 'makeover', which achieved the hugely challenging balance between delivery of every kind of modern day living convenience alongside stylish, attractive cool minimalism. A certain new career for the perpetrators too – and quite right!

Mint can help you maximise space in your planned new home extension or renovation, (even if perhaps not quite to the ingenious extent that Sara and Michael did in their remarkable 'Tardis flat' project!)

Refurbishment, improvement and extension, Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home.

Whatever your project plans, space saving or otherwise, feel free to request your no obligation meeting to plan the improvement , refurbishment or extension of your home in the future.

Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739 or email

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