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Mint Builders garden room project boosts bungalow home 'live-ability'

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

As highlighted, here on this blog in numerous posts just recently, more and more home-owners are, in these challenging COVID-19 times, here in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds, taking a long hard look at the 'liveability' and convenience of their homes.

For sure, we at Mint Builders are modestly doing our bit to help local home-owners make their homes more liveable, enjoyable and more cost effective too. We are being engaged on a number of quite wide-ranging extension and refurbishment projects.

Victorian orangery

One such project involved a bungalow with a rotting, dilapidated Victorian-style orangery to the rear. It was located in the village of Brockhampton on the outskirts of Cheltenham Borough. The bungalow was originally a gardeners cottage and part of the main Estate House, which is located next door.

Mint Builders has just completed an attractive and cost effective 'makeover' of this property, creating a highly-usable modern, up to date modern day living environment. This was achieved at a competitive cost and the market value of the property has been effectively increased for the future.


The first challenge faced by the Mint team was to demolish the eye-sore conservatory structure with its rotting wood and large areas of glass. The demolition was safely achieved in good time and now some three months later a modern, cost effective and most appropriate flat roof new garden room extension has replaced the dilapidated Orangery.


This stylish structure has of course achieved a major improvement to the atmosphere and 'liveability' of the property as a whole. The new extension is a good sized 7.5 by 4.5 metres and involved a budget of some £70,000.


Key features of the new garden room are an attractive lantern feature fitted within the new flat roof structure and also included a set of high quality, up to date bi-fold doors, which very much bring the 'outside-inside' to the new extension.

natural sandstone

To further enhance the 'outside-inside' picture, a stylish attractive and appropriate natural sandstone patio has been constructed directly outside the newly-created garden room. The inner room of the new extension has energy saving wet underfloor heating and is finished with popular travertine floor tiles.

The newly installed flat roof involved the use of a product called Sarnifil which is in essence a kind of welded plastic roof membrane. It is more expensive than other coverings such as EPDM or fibreglass, but is visually attractive and highly durable. No chance then for sure of this stylish replacement extension rotting away like the old Victorian Orangery did!

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