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More Expert ideas from those ‘who know’… to add value to your home when the time’s right to sell!

As readers to this blog know, we at Mint Builders are still maintaining that our

Extend Now - Move Later message should still continue very much to the fore for many homeowners moving on well into 2024.


This is due to the continuing housing market ‘ups and downs’ as well as the  challenging mortgage rates …and the ongoing more general financial uncertainties.

add vital value

For sure, in the light of this situation, as is very much known and understood by many, larger home projects such as loft conversions, converting a garage or adding a conservatory do indeed add vital extra price value to homes.


These kind of projects offer valuable ‘advantage’ as well as rewards when indeed the time IS right for that home sale to happen at later on ....into the foreseeable future !

smaller changes too

But larger home improvement projects  aside - found online recently - from the Propertymark organisation was a schedule of considerations - certainly worth checking out…. ( .....This a very useful schedule of further smaller home ‘changes’ that really could ALSO play a part in giving you a BETTER chance of ‘getting yourself sold’ at ‘best price’ when indeed the time is right to do so.

read on!

We have already highlighted on this blog a good few of these valuable, well worth taking a note of   ‘quicker wins’ from Propertymark - all aimed at helping still further to get that ‘later on’ home move underway in the VERY best circumstances you can…..

last time

Last time we highlighted the likes   - re-decorating; fixing superficial ‘defects; the vital impression of the front door; the value of de-cluttering ...and effective all round lighting and efficient heating.

further schedule

So’s still more guidance as advice …. read on for a further schedule of actions in various areas of your home that really can help add that vital 'extra' sales price added value. As the Propertymark organisation highlight in the schedule below, are key matters which you really SHOULD indeed consider getting as right as you can, in order to help you achieve the very best ‘added sales-price value’ possible in these still very challenging housing-market times..... so check out the list below....

1. The garden is important  …..If you have a front garden, spend a little time sprucing it up. A few plant pots and a clear pathway can make the front of your house more appealing helping with the first impressions. Out the back a well-designed garden can add a great deal of price value. Ideally the garden should appear to very much feel like an extra space for entertaining or relaxing, rather than just an expanse of grass. 

2. An area of decking creates a sense of bigger usable living space and its also good to have a summerhouse in the garden, offering more valuable space to relax and entertain in when the weather allows.

3. Another thing very important to many is the right parking - so take note..….  in some areas of the country, the ability to park close to your front door comes at a huge premium ....and therefore, if you have the room to add off-street parking, you are sure to increase your home sales price value.

4. Smart home technologies are increasingly important to buyers. Take note advertising the presence of fibre optic cables serving your property could certainly be enough to encourage buyers. Statement systems like multi-room music platforms can also make a difference.

5. Double glazing helping retain vital heat and keep noise out are also a good home asset too. Take note ...if a home improvement moves your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) up a band, it could add thousands to the sale price!

6. Kitchens are often the main focus for many buyers. Buyers will surely pay more for if a property has an impressive, up to date kitchen - no doubt. You may not be able to afford a whole new kitchen but, for a relatively small budget, painting units or replacing cupboard handles or doors are great alternatives. Good lighting and clutter-free, clean surfaces will also make a telling difference. 

7. In the bathroom, re-grouting, eliminating all limescale and replacing taps are good options. Bathrooms need to look fresh and hygienic, so consider painting the walls a neutral shade and ideally add a new shower curtain or a standard glass screen. New quality, well-presented bathrooms could surely be key to selling fast and earning more!

There we are ….  much.. much  food for thought for sure  to be going on with, if indeed, you ARE taking on a surely-testing home sale in the year ahead. Good luck …and do all you can to make the best.. best... best impression and so help yourself to get sold quickly and also win a 'tip-top' best ‘added value’ sales-price when you do so!

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas and much practical advice too relating to your new home project and plans.We can assist with your 2024  home renovation priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future protective money-making ‘added sales value’, never more vital than now. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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