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More home renovation and extension advice and ideas to help support your ‘home move avoidance’ p...

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Recently on this blog, we highlighted some key home renovation tips from the 'Home Beautiful' team. Now, below ,we have further information on ideas and approaches regarding aspects of home renovation for 2020 – this time relating to internal doors, the walls of your home and those all-important windows

For sure, as we at Mint Builders see it, for 2020, home renovation projects are set to be undertaken more and more by home-owners this year. This is due to the uncertain housing market brought about by Brexit and the General election. Informed experts suggest that no one will be moving if they really don’t have to next year. The message is “ for 2020, home renovation and expansion is the ideal alternative to moving if you need more space”.

renovation plans

Mint is on hand in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds to help, advise, guide and carry out your home extension or renovation plans, whatever you need to get done during next year. There are all sorts of areas to re-organise, improve and re-vamp....

use of space

Starting with your internal doors - as the 'Home Beautiful' team indicate, moving a door, or changing the way it is to opens, can greatly improve the use of the space in a cramped home. You could also consider what is a called a ‘pocket door’ in certain locations, which is a door slides away discreetly. It is often an ideal and elegant alternative door solution.

The simplest style of an internal door is a flush version, with no panels. If finished in a thick layer of quality hardwood veneer, it will look and feel authentic. Panelled doors achieve a great new look and effect. They come in solid softwood or hardwood, with pine being the cheapest.

moulded facings

Pressed doors are a neat alternative too. They mimic panelled doors, using a moulded facing on a timber frame. The trend for folding-sliding doors for extensions is also a fantastic solution for improving interior spaces.

party walls

A point to note - before widening the opening in a structural, supporting wall, you'll need the advice of a structural engineer, and if the work is close to the party wall, consult your neighbours, who may ask you to sign a party-wall agreement.

fire door

If you have an eye on a loft project, take note if you do, a new loft ‘room’ requires a fire door, and often changes are needed to other doors in the home. You might also need a sprinkler or mist system. We at Mint can advise you exactly on such 'Building Control' matters.

home layout

If you are re-organising your home, then some wall re-jigging may well be involved to get that extra space and improved home layout you need. A key plan is often to focus on the rear of the house. This is where you can perhaps move to replace a wall with an expanse of glazing between the indoor and outside space, thus bringing the garden outdoors...indoors to speak.

If you're simply replacing your existing patio doors, usually planning permission isn't needed. But, if you're widening such an opening, building an extension on the property, or also, if you are in a conservation area or listed house, you should check with your local council as permissions may be needed. Of course, we at Mint are very experienced in all such matters.

glazed area

Whatever your project, you must always meet Building Regulations of course. Also, your new glazed area, needs not to make your re-jigged, re-organised home less energy efficient, which of course you wouldn’t want to anyway! Who wants bigger heating bills these days?

bespoke sizes

As Home Beautiful report, ‘folding sliding doors start at about £1,500 from DIY stores but you can expect to pay considerably more for bespoke size doors, specific types of glazing and frames from a more specialist supplier.


Original windows are worth keeping hold of, but need regular maintenance. Says Richard Dollar, managing director of The Sash Window Workshop' “Aside from the obvious cost benefit, refurbishment of existing windows improves their performance, while preserving the historical integrity of the building and can be completed without a lengthy manufacturing delay.”

Note that to meet current energy regulations, new windows must normally be double-glazed, but if you're in a listed building or conservation area, the answer is seek advice from your Council's conservation officer first. Generally, uPVC is the cheapest material for windows, of course, followed by a softwood, then hardwood, steel or aluminium and composites.

FENSA scheme

'Home Beautiful' point out that when selling your property, you'll need a certificate for any replacement windows installed since 2002. You need to show that the installer was registered with the FENSA scheme, or that your windows have been passed by your local authority's Building Control. This proves your windows comply with all Building Regulations. For all these issues be confident we at Mint are here to help in all and every way with your 2020 ‘home-move avoidance' renovation project.

Refurbishment, improvement and extension of your home. Mint offers a full development and finishing service for your 2020 'home-move-avoidance' scheme . We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have all the expert contacts on hand to help you.

Whatever your need, please request your quotation to improve, refurbish or extend your home . Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739or email

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