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New home extension on your mind for 2021? …. Further key issues to consider....

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Recently on this blog, we highlighted some important thoughts and considerations from the expert team that you should take into account if you are considering a new home extension to improve the 'liveability' of your home for 2021 in the face in the current COVID-19 crisis.

We at Mint Builders are currently receiving various enquiries regarding home extension and renovation projects and we are, of course, on hand in Cheltenham and The Cotswolds to help with any initial planning for your home extension or renovation project. We can guide and direct you as needed. In the meantime, read more below of the important invaluable guidance from the team.

considered design

When considering your extension, the right design expertise is important to ensure you make the most of your project and avoid costly problems. There are, of course, numerous options available in terms of design input and we at Mint can introduce locally based professionals to you to assist as needed. It is also a good idea to ask for recommendations from friends, family and neighbours and also research a little online for the right professionals that have designed projects similar to the extension you are planning.

fabric focus

In terms of design, (as highlighted by the experts), if you do focus to an extent on the energy performing fabric of your new house extension, you may indeed be able to outstrip the U values and air-tightness levels specified by the Building Regulations.

poorly insulated

However, it must be said that adding a thermally-efficient extension to a generally poorly insulated home will not make your home cheaper to run overnight. You might feel it best to consider improving the energy efficiency of your main house, while you are tackling your new extension.

sewer problems

If your house extension is to be built over or in the area of a sewer, you will need to contact your Water Board before work begins. The experts will almost certainly indicate that if a shared sewer (one which serves more than one property) is within 3m of your extension, then a Build Over Agreement with your local water authority could be essential. This can be tricky and also costly – especially if a new manhole is needed, or an existing one needs to be moved. Something to be very much aware of right from the start of your project.

supporting 'a load'

While it can seem appealing to extend above a single-storey extension or garage, these structures may not be able to support the load. If the old structure isn’t up to scratch there can be a solution. You may be able to 'underpin' existing shallow foundations or perhaps strengthen or bypass them with a steel frame bedded in new concrete pad footings. For sure, these are issues that must be right - and we at Mint can advise of course!

Finally for now, if your kitchen is at the heart in your planned extension, (and the kitchen is 'top choice' for an extension for many right now), you will need to carefully review and consider those all important services – gas ,electric, ventilation plumbing etc . It is 'a must' to know the all important positioning of your units, cooker, white goods and so on before work begins. Then all electrics, ventilation and plumbing can be planned in, no problem! The same too if you’re including a new bathroom or en suite in the design, perhaps above your new kitchen.

We at Mint Builders are here to help with any questions and ideas relating to the priority planning and organisation of your extension or other renovation. We have the expert contacts on hand to help ensure your new extension gets sorted without any expensive blunders, issues or problems.

Please request your project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for now and on into this uncertain COVID-19 future of ours. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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