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New home extension on your mind for 2021? …. Some key issues to consider....

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

As the COVID-19 crisis rolls on, more time than ever will probably be spent at home through the Winter.... and on into 2021. For sure, as a result it would seem inevitable, that more and more home-owners will be reviewing the potential ‘liveability’ of their homes with an eye to renovation and probably a home extension too.

We at Mint Builders here in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds are receiving various enquiries regarding a range of different types and styles of home extension and renovation projects. If an extension is on your mind, there are, of course, certain important issues which need to be considered and taken into account before you get underway.

initial chat

The team at Mint Builders are, of course, on hand for any initial information and planning chat to highlight and talk over the ins and outs of your plans and also, to guide you with regards to all the various things it is important to appreciate and be aware of when it comes to launching into an extension project in the near future.

The excellent www. team reviewed some of these important initial thoughts and considerations in an online presentation recently..... Read on below ...

economic sense

Number one consideration is that an extension or wide-ranging home renovation project needs to make economic sense. It is important to make sure the value of your planned project adds more to your home’s potential market price than the extension project’s build budget.

local research

This can be tricky to assess at times, but a little local research will offer pointers and help you get on track with this most important home 'market value' issue. We can, of course, guide and assist you in respect of all relating costs, pricing and other figure-work calculations - no problem!


A further matter to highlight here is that ‘biggest’ is not always best. It can be easy to get a little carried away, only thinking of your extension project in terms of it being the biggest possible size. But in reality the main consideration is that it adds the best possible 'liveability' to your present home.

more space

Bigger is not always the key consideration when it comes to extensions, and there are often ways of creating a feeling of more space, without getting involved in quite expensive larger scale building works. A carefully considered design for your extension can not only save you cash, but give you a better, more useful new space within your home once the project is completed.


We at Mint, of course, can help you get this all important 'cost balance' issue right. This can often be achieved through considered design, not only of the new space itself, but also with regards to the room and space that is already there within your home. We have designed and built many types and size of extension and can guide your thoughts as to the best way to get the space you realistically need as cost effectively as possible.

building ‘regs’

Finally, for now, another important, wide-ranging issue regarding any new extension plans relates to the all important planning and building regulation matters.

Once again, we at Mint can help you with all aspects of these key often quite technical issues. Even if your house extension can be built under the new Permitted Development rights, (that is without formal planning permission processes being engaged), nevertheless all extension and renovation work still needs Building Regulations approval.


Building Regulations set out minimum requirements for all kinds of important ‘build’ matters, such as ensuring that your extension is safe and appropriate in all respects. This include matters such as - the right structural integrity; energy efficiency; damp proofing; fire safety; ventilation.... and more. Mint has the expertise and knowledge to advise guide and act on all these issues in order to ensure your extension is ‘on track’ in every way.


It is worth stating - for your information - that certain repair work is excluded from Building Regulations. With various exceptions, these matters are items such as re-wiring, underpinning and replacement of windows.

must comply

Take note though, apart from certain new buildings, such as outbuildings, conservatories and sheds, all new building work, including alterations, must comply with the Regulations. This applies to key load-bearing walls and installation of baths, showers and WCs involving new drainage or waste plumbing; Installation of new heating appliances; New chimneys or flues and developing openings for any new windows required.

check back ....

A good deal to consider here - so check back here soon and for further key guidance and advice to review and consider if you have home renovation and extension plans for 2021.

Mint Builders are here to help with any of your questions and ideas regarding to your home extension or renovation plans. We have expert contacts on hand to help you get just the affordable new space you want and need in your home in these unique times .

Please request your project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for now and on into this uncertain future of ours. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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