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Online and in the designer shops - those 2022 trending kitchen extension choices..

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Credit - Colin Poole

As most will be aware, when it comes to a new home extension, for maximum added value and 'best' living effect, the top ‘at home’ extension choice is, more often than not, the kitchen!

We at Mint, over the years, have certainly tended to carry out more new kitchen extensions than anything else. For sure, looking back over our many kitchen extension projects, what we recall most clearly is just how many diffferent the types and styles of kitchen we have ‘rolled out’ over the years.


Kitchens are probably the most fashion and trend conscious of extension types, reference their look, finish, changing design, presentation variables and wide-ranging fitting choices, most of which are very much coming and going year after year ….after year….!!

So, what’s ‘hot’ for kitchen trends this year in 2022? Cruising around online with those experts - Real Homes - and elsewhere, we picked up some pointers as to some thought-provoking and imaginative trends to be watching out for in this current year ahead.


Apparently, more personalised spaces within the new kitchen extension environment are emerging as something of a very desirable requirement for those trendiest kitchens of 2022. Right now, the experts say, the right thing to do is to integrate the cooking spaces within the general living spaces.

flexible ‘multi-space’

Also, in vogue in the 2022 new kitchen extension - says the trending ‘grapevine’- are moves towards braver colour choices, those unavoidable feature islands, of course, and the most careful planning of space. The 2022 kitchen is all about ensuring more flexible, multi-use spaces within the kitchen envorinment - these might be snug sitting TV areas ….desk type working spaces ….planted areas, creating that ‘outside’ effect …and much more.

space effect

The current trend now, we are led to believe, is all about developing and adding versatility, with interesting finishes and textures. This approach is very much a major part of designing what is today a more tactile space creating atmosphere and variety within what these days is THE open plan, beating ‘heart’ of the home. It’s all about space management and planning, that very much forms THE 'ultimate' Home hub - presenting itself with variety, ingenuity, freedom, flexibility and at-home inspiration, all achieved with a more varied fashion, atmosphere and style than ever before.

Image Credit - Davis Interiors - Real Homes Magazine

More key trends to the fore for your new 2022 kitchen extension,we found, as we checked with the experts, is the likes of The Black Kitchen! Apparently Pinterest has seen a 5-times surge in searches for black kitchen ideas, so it surely seems more people will possibly be taking the plunge in that direction for the current year..... good luck with that!


A further expert-backed, apparently notable trend, now ‘in vogue’ is vertical tile styling. That classic subway brick-type tiling layout that once dominated is ‘out’ ....and in comes the herringbone pattern, as well as vertical tile design presentations. Also, Tumbled edges, imperfect colourful and crackled tile glazes, are also among the offerings in demand...and there's also expertly concepted, upright tiling design effects in use too!

more trending choices

The 'never to be left out' kitchen island is, of course, trending as strongly as ever ...and even in a ‘new’ version for ‘22. Once a simple Dividing Unit, now it’s much much more - there’s a double island ‘trend’ too…space permitting and contrast cabinets with an unexpected colour pairing using completely different finish materials - such as striking marble or a brushed brass panels - all these - and more to be sure - are apparently further top ‘trending’ choices!

blending’ trend

Furthermore, there is also something of a ‘Blending Trend’ for a more ‘lived in’ total effect in the kitchen. This means ....painted doors for example and a varied overall more 'random-like' finish ‘effect’. There’s also the mixing of - often quite unlikely - materials reference work surfaces - these could be bold terrazzo or handmade concrete moulds - and much more off the wall concepts and ideas too.


Then, of course, apparently vigorous accessorising is trending— rugs, antiques, even paintings, presentation baskets and plants..plants ..and plants ….and the likes of orignally style portable lamps too bringing light differently and appropriately to all areas …..lots to consider ....that's for sure!

Your choices

So, that’s what the experts say the 2022 kitchen trends are..but always, we understand, ..the ‘best’ trend is YOUR likes and dislikes. We at Mint can advise and guide, if asked, and suggest many stylish kitchen choices and ideas - trending or otherwise. BUT whatever the trend of the moment - what we always aim to ensure is that YOUR choices are presented to best effect in YOUR new kitchen extension ….Pinterest approval or not … …..and  so they should be!

Read more about and view more images of 2022 kitchen trends here……

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to your new Home extension or renovation…. whether the kitchen... or not. We can assist as well with all priority planning and organisation of your extension for 2022.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend any area of your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and increased future sales value. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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