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Online customer home extension and renovation advice ‘events’ go on emerging.......

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

As things ease a little further towards post-Covid normality, a thought has crossed our minds here at Mint Builders. The recent pandemic has seen all kinds of home extension-involved businesses, get-together online to stimulate interest and spread the word to the growing numbers of homeowners, who have been - and are still - plotting home extension and renovation projects for their homes.

Larger scale home improvement exhibitions and specialist ‘get together’ virtual talk-ins and advice gigs, have emerged a good deal during the past year or more. These involved numerous experts and companies of all types and sizes, have been collaborating in well-planned virtual online ‘events’ and in doing so, are spreading much-wanted advice and ideas to meet the continuing enthusiasm among home-owners to undertake their own future home improvement, renovation or re-organisation projects. 

unique opportunity

The latest online event that caught my eye recently was called ‘Inspired Living’ This is - they say a 'unique opportunity' to apparently explore what is possible with any home renovation project. The offering involves joining a panel of architects, as they talk their way through home project schemes. The aim is to show how even smaller homes can be entirely transformed to achieve a much sought after sense of space, light and freedom. It goes live on Tuesday June 15th!

practical advice

This 'Inspired Living' online event will focus on everything from light-enhancing loft conversions to entire home re-configurations backed by wide-ranging varied practical advice for all and every kind of new home extension and renovation inspiration. Accessing this expertise online is very modest financially!


Between them, the Inspired Living architects have over 100 years’ experience of working with homeowners to turn their vision into reality and their team have completed various stunning projects, sometimes from difficult starting points.

planned projects

What makes the online evening event quite unique - says the publicity blurb - is the chance to ask questions of the event  panel in a live Q&A session. Questions on planned  projects can be submitted in advance for a considered answer, or a live chat function allows for questions on anything discussed during the evening. It is suggested that you submit your questions in advance by posting them on your phone, tablet or desktop at using the unique event code #J782 or by visiting Inspired Living: Ask your question

answering questions

The event has been created by Schüco, and Architecture Today. Schüco develops and sells systems for doors, windows and facades and Schüco technical expert Jordan Vincent will be on hand to answer questions about bi-fold, sliding and panoramic doors or indeed any window system you can imagine.


The panel is hosted by 'home makeover' expert Michael Holmes, Head of Content for Real Homes and Homebuilding and Renovating magazine publications we at Mint most admire. You can check this event out and register here

The above event and indeed the months of burgeoning online activity, such as this, have for sure served to get us all thinking as good deal here at Mint Builders. Could we or should we, and certain of our local collaborative contacts, perhaps in the future consider a Cheltenham and Cotswold based online home extension ‘event’ now and again. Hmm... there's a thought!

local area

It could be promoted locally, of course, and directly aimed at getting in touch with local area homeowners thinking of home projects of some kind in the future. Looks like this is certainly something worth of considering - and would be perhaps very much a plus to emerge from these torrid recent Covid times.

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to the priority planning and organisation of your spacious well-planned new home extension or renovation for late Summer and Autumn this year and on into 2022. We have the expert contacts on hand to ensure your project gets sorted exactly as it should be...and at a price that works for you!

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more 'liveability' and increased future sales value in these vaccination focused Covid crisis times. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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