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Online webinar link-up with tip top interior designers.....

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Recently on this blog we flagged up the virtual online London HomeBuilding and Renovation Show, which is live online later this month. Here is, another example of how the Home Renovation and Extension business is adapting to cope in these continuing Covid times in which we now live.

Now, information on yet another interesting online home-care event and service has hit the Mint Builders 'Inbox' today. This was all about support and guidance on those vital design and décor choices that you might have on your mind for that new extension, re-organisation or renovation that you might be considering at your home sometime in the future.

virtual webinar

This 'event' takes the form of a virtual webinar and is being staged by It is a 'live' online introduction chance to 'meet' some tip top designers - so a chance to get plenty of valuable guidance and advice on offer which will surely be a useful and interesting 'gig' to check out .....and why not indeed!

Called 'Design Heroes' – the gig starts on April 6, and operates weekly. If you sign up and join in you can get to some tip top professional décor advice and interiors ideas from the Livingetc regulars Jonathan Adler, Rayman Boozer, Robert Novogratz and Sarah Sherman Samuel.

exclusive access

Tickets are just £10, and include exclusive access to these big name designers. There is also a presentation pack on offer and a free digital subscription to Livingetc. If you can't watch 'live', you will also be able to watch on demand. Get set if you fancy it – and Sign up today here...…. and you can get set to join in all the action from the comfort of your own home 'screen'.

live on Zoom

Once a week, the Livingetc Editors will be coming 'live' to a Zoom near you, interviewing some of the biggest names in American design. You can join in on all of it and pick some high quality décor advice and interiors ideas.

tip-top designers

These above mentioned tip-top designers will be talking about how they’ve decorated their own homes. There's also a chance for you to pose your own questions to them at the webinar. It seems, you'll hopefully get to pick up some useful thoughts and ideas as to what you might consider for creating a 'tip top' presentation of your up and coming new project.

insight and 'tips'

As well as offering insight into their own décor choices, the Livingetc experts will also be offering tips on how to recreate their looks, sourcing inspiration and favourite styling ideas and secrets. The insider design knowledge of experts is ready and waiting to help guide you on your future interior décor ideas for your home or up and coming renovation project.

have a looksee

A nice idea this – I am sure some of our team at Mint wil be having a bit of a looksee. Its a novel, very worthwhile 'gig' it seems if interiors is 'your thing'. You can book for just one live webinar or sign up for them all. You will receive all the full details of this Event in a confirmation email as and when you sign up... Enjoy!

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