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Permitted Development Rights changes back in Court...

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Buzzing around online at the weekend, I stumbled over the fact that this week ahead is very much a ‘big one’ reference a key element of that quite recently introduced Permitted Developments Rights, ‘ package’ which was actioned in 2020.

This new package of PD rights was at the time it was introduced, very much good news for homeowners as it enabled a ‘fast-track’ system for two-storey extensions on homes, thus helping to utilise more space for growing families within the current property stock nationwide.

These new PD rights matters - as Homebuilding&Renovating reported - also allowed homeowners of detached, semi-detached or also a terraced house to extend upwards, providing all additional storeys are built on the principal part of the home, and also provided that prior approval for the build activity was obtained.

under fire

Now, the news out indicates that part of this new package of PD rights, which has been under fire for some time, goes back to Court on appeal this week. Under fire is the move aiming to give of developers the right to demolish commercial and residential buildings and rebuild them as homes. The Independent campaigning group, Rights Community Action (RCA) feel this would have a detrimental environmental impact, and risked people being housed in poor-quality accommodation.

really significant

Now this whole issue is off to court for this an important appeal during this week. Protesters very much maintain the case to be really significant. They say “it’s all about defending the extent of protection provided by our current environmental protection laws here in England.”


The High Court rejected all specific grounds raised by the RCA charity first time round, but conceded that it was arguable the government should have carried out a strategic environmental assessment before bringing in the new PD right as a statutory instrument and so there was a chance for the RCA to go on back to court and appeal this matter .

wide-ranging concerns

As the Homebuilding&Renovating team quite rightly indicated in their online reports there has in any event been varied, quite wide-ranging concerns over the government’s attempts to streamline PD rights in this way over the past 18 months.


Some may particularly recall that that the move which enabled developers to transform boarded up, unused buildings into homes without full planning was said to as “disgraceful” by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) last year.

appeal court findings

It will be interesting as to what indeed emerges from this court appeal and the effect if any new court findings may have on the overall operation and stance of changed PD rights issues for the future …fingers crossed …we shall see!

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