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Planning a new kitchen extension or renovation? Make sure you get that kitchen island right!

As highlighted here in the past, the major extension or renovation project that we at Mint undertake most often, for sure involves a home’s kitchen. Often the key issue in most kitchen projects is the ‘planning’ and positioning of the vital, much desired, in demand and extensively discussed kitchen island. 

Noted online recently, from the always, well-informed Real Homes experts, was a most useful information item, highlighting the key considerations reference the many ins and outs to achieving the ideal and most useful and correct kitchen island.

Key issues in question include size and finish of the kitchen island, essential to ensure the best and most useful effect is achieved within the planned new kitchen project environment.

fundamental consideration

Writer Sarah Warwick highlighted that certainly a fundamental consideration is to ensure the correct kitchen island size is decided upon. She quite rightly points out that it is all important to ensure get exactly the right size of island. For sure this ‘size’ decision is most essential if your planned new kitchen room space is to operate and function as it should.

effective and efficient

A key thing about the island is that it must deliver a truly effective ‘hub-like’ effect that really will make food preparation and cooking both efficient and safe. What IS a major issue is that the selected  island is neither the wrong shape or too big. If it is either, it will surely cramp and impede the all important flow around that new kitchen - something very much to be avoided


Even if the size is slightly misjudged, your Island will end up proving not to be anywhere near as useful as it should be. Also, if you over compensate reference size and make it too small, then for sure that too can spoil the whole style and usefulness of your much anticipated new kitchen when it is completed. 

vital working area

For sure, the right kitchen island can make a vital and additional working area for your key newly extended kitchen ensuring it truly becomes a successful and enjoyable place for the family to eat and visitors to gather. But the key point is that whatever functions you might feel you need, your new kitchen island MUST have the dimensions that are both appropriate and correctly calculated for your all-new, stylish kitchen extension ’hub’.

considered calculation

For sure, it’s all about considered effective calculation so that your kitchen Island ends up as something that offers  optimum style and function in your new extended kitchen space. Be aware, that for your kitchen island to really be what you wish it to be, you must be clear that your have a relatively generous space to accommodate it - and that needs careful considered planning and measurement assessment.

generous space

If an island ‘hub’  is essential for you, be mindful that it requires what must be a relatively generous space. So, is there then a standard size you should aim for? The answer is no.  


Adds a lead kitchen designer, Amber Carfield, lead designer of remodeller Kitchens by Good Guys . “There really isn’t a typical island size, because you are fitting each island to each particular kitchen, keeping in mind as you do so, the clearances for people to walk around the structurd, and open cabinets and appliances..and so on. A kitchen island should be custom built so there really isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all type of island.”

average size

Although, there isn’t a standard kitchen island size, there is a kitchen island average size and this is 40 by 80 inches (around 1 by 2 metres) the experts suggest.  For sure, a vital factor in a successful design for that new kitchen extension of yours is, of course, all about the availability and type of space you realistically have all around your planned island. The experts highlight that an amount of space generally needed around your new extended kitchen island needs to be say around held to be 36-48 inches…take note of this vital figure!


As said then, carefully consider that new kitchen layout in all respects and make sure best you can, that your much anticipated new island IS correctly sized AND is correctly positioned to deliver that much anticipated must useful ‘centre hub’ that will make your kitchen all you want it to be!

get it right!

For more expert observations on this key  ‘kitchen island right size’ matter ..check out further here, ….and good luck with getting your new kitchen planned and achieved, exactly the way you wish it to be! 

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to  your new home extensions or renovation ideas and plans - including that  new kitchen island. We can assist with all your 2023 home renovation priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future protective money-making added sales value, vital in these challenging times . Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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