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Re-planning, extending and renovating your home for more 'Lockdown' liveability

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Very recently on this blog we heard from the well-informed team how many home owners were tending to prefer to extend or renovate right now, rather than take up the more challenging and perhaps the less 'safe' option of moving home.

This has, of course, been something we at Mint Builders have noted, particularly since the start of 'Lockdown 3' in November. Our team feels that it seems this latest 'Lockdown' has a challenging 'feel' about it! For sure, these certainly remain challenging times indeed. We are pleased to be successfully helping home-owners in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds with their plans for more affordable, valuable space and better home 'liveability' in their homes for year ahead.


The property reporter experts point out that a home-owners fundamental need since 'Lockdowns' began, is that many are just crying out for more space. Of course, many feel the best way to get it as cost effectively and easily as possible is not to move home perhaps, but to make the most out of their current existing space with some cunning re-shaping and planning. This also offers the advantage of adding monetary value to your home for when, in the future, you do eventually decide the time is right to cash in, sell-up and on move on.

additional bedrooms

Ways to achieve this added value 'option' with best results with certainty is to opt for additional bedrooms. Say Property Reporter –"more bedrooms can indeed increase home value, going forward, by as much as 20% - some £50,000 plus, considering the average house price in England (£256,000)". Its a 'double-whammy' if you do go this route - you have more value for sure, and, of course, the bonus of that extra space to use right now to make life easier as Lockdown and uncertainty drags on and on through into 2021!


We noted also, some new research by the self-storage company called Space Station. They know all about the main ways in which home-owners can increase the value of their homes without paying for an extension. This is often all about simply making the most of existing space in a property.

maximum 'liveability'

This is true for sure - and when we at Mint carry out projects, we always focus to an extent on helping clients get maximum 'liveability' value from their project by suggesting good storage, along with a renovation or extension. This, for most projects, is very much a key factor when it comes ensuring you achieve absolutely the best 'liveability' space you can from your home refurbishment,extension or re-organisation.

open plan living '

Along with storage space,there are many approaches and aspects of project activity to consider. You can create open-plan living areas, or go for installing an additional bathroom or shower-room.

For sure, these kind of additions and changes can make such a difference to home 'liveability' Also, that extra bedroom is a sure-fire winner and in the right circumstances, this can be accomplished without going for a full blown extension.

internal reorganisation

A bit of carefully considered internal re-organisation and even a modest, well-positioned new internal wall, can transform a home and its space usage 'value'. You can get valuable space in your home without a high level of major expense or upheaval. A bit of planning and considered innovative thought can make all the difference!

professional guidance

With some careful thought and a little professional guidance perhaps, a lot can be achieved to boost your home 'liveability' performance during these testing 'Lockdown' times! Good luck if you do go ahead and carry out such projects as mentioned here - you will certainly say to yourself when they are finished – Why didn't we do this before?

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to the priority planning and organisation of your home extension or renovation for Spring 2021. We have the expert contacts on hand to ensure your new extension, renovation or home re-organisation gets sorted exactly as it should be....and at a price that works for you!

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more 'liveability' in these vaccination focused Covid crisis times. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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