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'Reading on' perhaps for your 2021 Home extension or renovation....

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

For sure, a good few home owners, it seems, may well go into 2021 with an eye on whether they should make a home move or avoid the pressures and hazards of doing that and instead, stay where they are and opt for an extension or renovation of their current home.

The aim of either project type is, of course, aimed at helping homeowners achieve better 'liveability' in their properties to help ensure they can best meet what still could be something of a challenging future as we all wait for the possible release of the various coronavirus vaccines during next Spring. We at Mint are expecting home extension and renovations to be very much in the thoughts of homeowners during the first four to six months of next year.

ideas and motivation

Recently on this blog we highlighted – compliments of the house extensions designs business - an online choice of various classic book publications, which might be worth 'a read' to perhaps enable homeowners to get some ideas and motivation for the home refurbishment or renovation project their minds for 2021. Take a look and see if anything catches your eye......

Home Extensions, Alteration and Refurbishments – Gestalen Magazine

Well edited and supported by exceptional photography, Gestalten Magazine manage a great job putting together an inspiring list of potential space transformations in an aesthetically pleasing way, while exploring ideas to enhance and re-purpose our surroundings (from sheds into playrooms, garages to guesthouses and other somewhat bohemiam transformations). This title can be found at Amazon and Waterstones


For sure this is a volume aimed at those who desire a new enlightened perspective on preserving rather than demolishing . The aim is,, to an extent, about re-purposing the unused. This can be a dilapidated barn or outbuilding, a run down town home, a historical or fading building façade. This book highlights how these can all be starting points for stunning and inspiring homes.


Upgrade displays transformations: be it sheds into playrooms, a garage to a guesthouse, or an alpine hut into a holiday getaway - there is information on all such ideas. These experts suggest 'all sorts'. Hidden in the walls of old structures, they say,, are possibilities and inspirations that can be realized with any budget. Charm and character become criteria for lifting a residence and improving its 'liveability' effect. An interesting take on extensions with a considered sensitivity 'built in' perhaps....

Home extensions – The Complete Handbook - 4th Edition

Author Paul Hymers is a corporate building engineer who has worked as a Building Control Officer for his local council in Kent, reports the house extension designs team. He apparently checks and approves plans and monitors work in progress. This book was written as a result of the discovery that the problems encountered and mistakes made in building extensions are largely due to a lack of information available to the general public and to many builders. Amazon and Waterstones may have this title.

safely and cost effectively

The book is invaluable advice on all the major aspects of getting work done on time, safely and cost effectively. It also deals with legal aspects (in plain English) that will ensure that if anything goes wrong, you and your money are protected. This book is designed to give you enough information about the work you are employing builders to do so that all goes well. All in all, this is an excellent book with gems of vital information on each page... suggest those who know!

House Plus: Imaginative Ideas for Extending Your Home

This title, by Phyllis Richardson makes for a more than decent and down to earth 'handy' guide to consider if you’ve outgrown your house and planning a new extension. Amazon is the place to go for it apparently.

good imagery

The projects presented within are interesting, explained well and the imagery is quite good and supportive, considering that the material is not that new. It is – suggest the house extension designs team - a good coffee table book that you can dip in and out of and it comes up with plenty of ideas and possibilities to maximise your existing home instead of buying a new one.


This all-in-one lifestyle, architecture and design guide to extending your home is perhaps an essential, if only for the fact that, unlike most books in the genre, the examples given are actually affordable as compared to certain other tip top 'designer-type' home book renovation offerings.

Thanks to for all these review notes - nice!

We at Mint Builders are here to help with any questions and ideas relating to the priority planning and organisation of your home extension or renovation. We have the expert contacts on hand to help ensure your new extension gets sorted for 2021 without any expensive blunders, issues or problems.

Please request your project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for now and on into this uncertain COVID-19 future of ours. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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