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Renovating your home to add value – initial key considerations

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Home renovation can make all the difference to your home in more ways than one - the way it looks, the more enjoyment a facelift offers and, of course, the actual cash value it can accrue. Spotted online by our Editor recently, was some valuable information from on the ins and outs of the renovating for maximum value-added effect.

We at Mint agree that when it comes to remodelling, updating, decorating or renovating, it pays to know exactly how to add value to your home and what best project choices are. Certain projects, they say, are sure-fire ways to boost not only the kerb appeal of a house but also its value — and not all need to be expensive, lengthy jobs either, say the Homebuilding experts.


For sure, it pays to consider how varied different home improvements will add value to your property to ensure the best return when you come to sell up and move on. Even if you are planning on creating a forever ‘home’ and have no plans to move on, understanding how to add value to your home will help establish which projects make viable economic sense.


Larger projects such as home extensions or redesigning your kitchen might be the most obvious choices for adding value, but good value can be added through all kinds of basic structural and cosmetic repairs too.

central heating

Something to consider may be your central heating system. Adding to or updating the central heating system will always add more to the value of a property than it costs and should to be done in conjunction with improving the general energy efficiency of the building. Improving the efficiency will include:- sealing any drafts around doors and windows (but not air-bricks); Replacing windows that are beyond repair with double glazing : Adding insulation into the loft space. Small items but a cost effective home in terms of running costs is most appealing in many ways

adequate output

If the existing boiler is in reasonable working order and has adequate output for the heat requirement of the building, always try to make use of it with the exception of boilers that draw their air intake from inside the house. If the boiler has sufficient capacity, you could add new radiators and a heated towel rail, or underfloor heating to the existing system.

key service updating

Updating services, such as wiring and plumbing, can achieve a good deal in all respects your older home for sure. Note, this is a disruptive job and will involve lifting floors and chasing out plaster walls, so it’s essential to complete the work before making any cosmetic improvements when looking at ways to add value to your home.

essential electrics

Updating the electrics may be essential if the house has old meters and fuse box etc. In all instances a modern consumer unit with a RCD (residual circuit device) for safety. Adding extra sockets will also add value to your home and in some cases it might be worth opting for attractive face plates for sockets and switches. Any  rewiring activity offers an opportunity to update lighting and to add extractor fans in the bathrooms, real value adding items.

plumbing changes

Nothing worse for comfort and making the wrong impression that old plumbing. Then there’s the hand of the dreaded burst pipe. A key update is a pressurised plumbing system, rather than gravity fed, as it eliminates the need for a header tank, thus freeing up space, and ensures good pressure on both the hot and cold supplies. A cylinder, is a must so that there is stored hot water ‘on tap’ (so to speak). Or consider a combination boiler that provides hot water on demand but make sure you choose one with a good flow rate you need at least 10 litres a minute for a decent power shower.

décor value

It may be true that small, superficial defects won’t directly affect the value of a property, but they could put off potential buyers and therefore prevent you from selling your home at the optimum price. These typical defects are easily resolved.

best price

No home-buyer really wants to experience the likes of peeling paint; squeaking or sticking doors and windows; door latches that don’t work; mouldy sealants in kitchen and bathroom; dripping taps; loose tiles; broken or damaged windows; squeaky floors and stairs; cracks to ceilings and plasterwork; lifting flooring etc. ...etc...etc. ....get it sorted of course.!... why wouldn’t you. Any buyer surely deserves the chance to get very best price they can for the home they have worked hard on over the years... quite right!

Check back here soon for more more key renovation considerations from the experts.

Refurbishment, improvement and extensions of your home - Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home. We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have all the expert contacts on hand to help you.

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