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Renovation, extension and re-furbishment advice worth following

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

It is always pleasing for us at Mint Builders to report the growing numbers of people in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire now enjoying this blog with all its news, information and ideas on home renovation, extensions and refurbishment.

There are, of course, numerous blogs of all types that offer ideas, news and planning innovation certainly of interest to all of you eyeing up a renovation, extension or refurbishment for your home for 2019. Our Editor, of course, is always checking other blogs online and many, he tells us, are informative and full of original property renovation and extension ideas.

educate, inspire and empower

Recently he came across a schedule of some of the best most active, successful popular UK Home Renovation Blogs from thousands on the web. These blogs - like ours of course - are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower readers with valuable regular updates and high-quality information about looking after and improving your home...check ‘em out perhaps !

Homebuilding & Renovating

Homebuilding & Renovating is the UK’s best selling self-build magazine and we have carried information her about their shows and special advice ideas. Full of inspiration, for surewith practical advice for your project, the magazine also features a regular Beginner’s Guide section with advice on finding the finance, build costs, insurance and planning to help you. Get Inspiration & advice for your building project on custom build, planning, build costs, DIY advice and design ideas.

Frequency about 6 posts per week.

Also listed in Home Renovation Blogs

Little House On The Corner | DIY & Home Improvement

This blog is operated from Berlin and Manchester run a dynamic duo of DIY-ers. Here's they share random bits of their DIY and home renovation adventures!

Frequency about 4 posts per month.

Operated Since Jun 2012

Also in DIY Blogs UK

Dream of Home | Home and Interiors

Operated from Chester, England, Dream of Home is a home interior and renovation blog. Run by Sarah, it also includes weddings, books, and lifestyle.

Frequency about 2 posts per week.

Operated since 2017

RRNews | Refurb Renovation News

Refurb Renovation News is the UK's leading product magazine, designed as a useful tool for professional specifiers and buyers who are involved within the restoration, renovation and conservation of commercial & domestic buildings throughout the U.K. The magazine features latest news, regulations and product information on a variety of topics. We at Mint have featured their expertise in the past.

Frequency about 5 posts per week.


Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

Operated from Manchester, UK, Well I Guess This Is Growing Up is the story of a family as they take on the mammoth task to renovate and decorate our first home. This blog documents it all; from the homeware stores that we're drooling over, to child-friendly interior solutions, and the DIY fails we encounter along the way - and trust me, we have them!

Frequency about 3 posts per month.

Operated Since Aug 2011

More lively successful home renovation and extension blogs here again soon. And if you are operating a blog of this type in Cheltenham and The Cotswolds, where we at Mint are located, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to email us anytime with your home extension, renovations and re-furbishment adventures -....and good luck with all you do.

If you have Renovation plans in Cheltenham and The Cotswolds, tell us at Mint Builders all about them, perhaps we can help.

We at Mint are always ready to help you make your home renovation plans a success whether it be an extension or refurbishment. Visit Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home.

Ask for an 'Extend Instead' quotation. Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739 or email

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