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Resi extension and renovation..... as another challenging year gets underway !

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

The current COVID crisis remains firmly to the fore as a new testing year gets underway with soaring virus cases nationwide and the start of the major vaccine operation revving up to try and turn the tide.

Fingers crossed this New Year will surely offer improvement on the old, due to the Coronavirus vaccine operation now getting underway. Fingers - and everything else crossed - that soon, we will edge a little nearer to a a more normal situation as the Spring moves into the Summer later this year.


We at Mint have faced our own challenges of course over the past year , but we remain ready to do as we always have done for our customers - to help them boost the comfort and facility of their homes – particularly vital in terms of aiding families' recovery and life change into what still seems something of an uncertain future.


As an experienced long standing build and development business, we understand your home probably remains the most important single life investment you make. And, it is perhaps fair to say now, that now more than ever your new 2021 home needs to offer you every chance to get the most out of it as you move on into what appears to be a still fast changing and testing future.

Our business has an established reputation for all professional and affordable house extension and home refurbishment services. But more than that, we know we have THE expert team able to face up to and even exceed the most diverse and ambitious home development challenges. We enjoy our work and understand how many people locally in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds are now reviewing their homes with a view to updating and improving them for an unlikely post-Covid future that probably lays ahead for some time to come.


For sure, we modestly and confidently know that the Mint team has the experience and also thrives on challenge of meeting every kind of residential extension and refurbishment development project. We know how to make most homes an improved and more satisfying modern-day living environment. We have within out team the experience and innovative thinking to help ensure your home becomes more than you ever thought it could be.


Our reputation has been hard-earned. We offer both originality and expert delivery of home extension and improvement services within all kinds of wide-ranging varied property environments. We have great expertise and an excellent network of specifiers ,which enables us to deliver that little bit more when it comes to originality, quality, style and memorable finish.

exceeding 'the average'

Our expert team, covering all trades, is committed to delivering satisfaction that hopefully exceeds the 'average' and the everyday in all respects. We aim as best we can for 'the memorable'. We are very cost aware We enjoy all challenges and no project is too small or too large for us to review and consider for a successful development project. Within every project we are able to guide and advise in all respects. We can use our experience and contact network, to achieve e quality and momentum to extension and re-furbishment projects of sizes and types.

Our watchwords are creativity, responsiveness and client care, Our guiding principles are to the fore always. We work closely with clients to ensure we produce for clients the future new home environment and improvement most people seek.


Our service repertoire is flexible, expert and certainly multi-faceted. We take on the likes of a modest kitchen or bathroom re-plan and refurbishment as well as the more flamboyant specifically tailored highly specified home extension - whether this be a one storey, two storeys, side, rear or wrapped style project. We can work both from basic formats of design to the totally 'bespoke' original.


Handling the challenge of a whole house renovation is a specialism of ours, however 'full on' or complex the project seems to be. Also, we can guide, support and work with all trade contacts to obtain every kind of advice and consultation needed to ensure any scale of work, however large remains totally in step with all requirement.


We are here to work alongside our clients on all fesaible projects from start to finish. You can be confident we can deliver your project not only to your expectations, but also with the addition of innovative creative suggestions in terms of layout, operational aspects and original 'finishing' concepts. On all such projects, we at Mint will discuss each and every project stage, in order to always ensure best feasibility, design, and implementation of any full house extension or refurbishment however challenging.

As a team, we spend a good deal of time understanding the ideas you have in mind for your house renovation project – use of space, the finish, styling, and all other original imaginative build and presentation aspects. We will guide and support as needed to ensure you achieve the home you always promised yourself.

We know we can help provide you with the home you not only want, but also the home you may really need in these fast changing challenging times we are living in today.

We at Mint Builders are here to help with any questions and ideas relating to the priority planning and organisation of your home extension or renovation project for 2021. We have the expert contacts on hand to help ensure your new extension or renovation home project gets sorted.

Please request your project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for when the COVID-19 crisis will hopefully - thanks to recent exciting vaccine successes - be on the wane – fingers crossed! Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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