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‘Shining through’ …with more awareness of vital added home-price values….

We at Mint spotted this week certain very relevant online information, which had been highlighted in a very well-presented, considered,  original and highly useful way in the always, of course, high-profile Sun national newspaper!

Extend Now-Move Later

As a business, we at Mint have had many years of experience, of course, handling every kind of home extension, renovation and improvement project. More recently, we have been  battling on - in post pandemic times - backed by our very own considered ‘out there’ promotional message - Extend Now - Move Later!

vital sales price value

This message has certainly made its mark, highlighting how by undertaking the right home project to add vital home sales price value, makes a ‘later on’  more achievable and successful home move when certain pressing financial climate ‘difficulties’ have had time to ease.

interested and impressed 

We, at Mint, were interested and intrigued when we spotted online details of a ‘home price added value' information presentation from The Sun newspaper . The  Sun writer was SamWalker. Check out more of this excellent information here below ….

worth a read!

The Sun presentation highlighted at its core, not only  how much  certain specific home improvements could boost the sales value of a home, but, also, how certain common features around the home could ….actually knock money off your home’s value!  Food for thought there...  for sure!

home price value  ‘losers?

The Sun reported  these 'money losers' - via the Estate Agent Yopa …read on for  the details   …

Ponds, artificial grass and unused or old swimming pools…which can knock up to 19.6% off the value of your home.

An unused or old swimming pool could slash your home’s worth by £55,799, based on the average UK property price of £284,691.

Brown, unpainted Pebbledash on your external walls? That could be reducing the value by £28,469

Poor parking options, or none at all, can slash your potential asking price by £19,359.

Artificial grass, having no lawn and no bath in the main bathroom can also see the average UK home value drop by £14,804, £6,100 and £5,694 respectively.

Having a north facing garden and pond can also see a home’s value fall by £5,525 and £5,258 respectively.

vital question

All that having been said then   -  a fair question to follow MUST, of course, be to check out THE home improvements that WILL indeed boost a home’s sales value…all sorted that is below…

added value ‘dozen’

With data from property buying company Open Property Group  The Sun offered 12 improvements that could well indeed achieve best overall added value to your property. These were, as follows ….… …….

Loft conversion (£40,000 cost) – £56,938 added value

20square foot extension (£48,000 cost) – £56,938 added value

Garage conversion (£15,000 cost) – £28,469 added value

Garden room/office (£10,000 cost) – £21,352 added value Kitchen upgrade (£10,550 cost) – £15,658 added value

Utility room (£8,730 cost) – £14,235 added value

Solar panels (£7,000 cost) – £11,388 added value

All over redecoration (£3,200 cost) – £8,825 added value

Bathroom renovation (£5,000 cost) – £7,402 added value

Boiler/central heating upgrade (£3,850 cost) – £5,409 added value

EV charging point (£1,150 cost) – £4,840 added value

Landscaped garden (£3,950 cost) – £4,270 added value

Green energy measures

Following that …..a further very interesting  ‘Sun reporting’ thought was also highlighted. This came from Nick Leeming, Chairman of estate agent, Jackson-Stops. He told The Sun that buyers were increasingly looking for green energy measures in homes… such as electric vehicle charging points.

future-proofed’ added value? 

The Sun reported Nick's thoughts here….. “We might see buyers start to negotiate on asking prices, prioritising a home purchase that is future-proofed from day one.” 

Now, that IS a bit of a thought ..for sure…a longer distance thought, yes   ….but certainly perhaps a very feasible future ‘probable’ consideration!

Best added price value    

There we are then ….. The Sun came out  …. helping us understand what the best added value home projects just might be  best to help YOU when you do decide to sell up and make your new home move  …possibly sooner…. or later …in 2024. Time will tell one way or the other … that’s for sure!   

Sun-shine information

Thanks then for all that…. ’ to writer Sam Walker and all the other valued information ‘givers’ …appearing in this ‘Sun-shine’  added home price value vital information 'bonanza', surely, very much worth being aware of for the year ahead.


Mint was personally very  pleased to see how The Sun came ‘shining through’ recently with THIS all important ‘tiptop’ key information which -  as we see it - is indeed very much in step with OUR very relevant  promotional watchwords of recent times….. Extend Now - Move Later ….Nice!

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas and much practical advice too relating to your new home project plans, whatever they may be. We can surely assist with your 2024 home extension and renovation priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future protective money-making ‘added sales value’, never more vital than now. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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