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Should you stay... or should you go? – The 'best 'choice right now for you and yours at home?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Spotted online very recently was some further conversation regarding the increasing trend among home-owners for this Spring and early Summer – that with Covid 'lockdown crisis dragging on, the best choice for many remains home extension or renovation as opposed to packing up and moving to a new property.

The team at Exposed Magazine, for example has, highlighted this developing position. They clearly state that for sure home extensions are expected be very much 'on trend' for 2021.

They say “House extensions give the home-owner many advantages, including not separating your child from their current school and social setting. The child also is not required to adjust to a new locality and can keep all their friends and acquaintances. Statistics indeed have it that house extensions are set to be the latest trend in the housing industry on into this year of 2021.

The magazine highlights just why more and more people opt for home extensions instead of moving to buy a new larger home right now. An initial point of interest they suggest – which we at Mint Builders have found perhaps a little surprising - is that many home-owners sometimes tend to almost 'forget' that they do indeed have the option of adding to their existing house through an extension or renovation instead of automatically moving home when more space is needed. A home extension IS realistic and readily achieved and in these days could well be said to look much more appealing than packing up and moving.

lack of awareness

Exposed Magazine point out that this lack of awareness about extensions has strengthened a belief that, all too many for some reason, do not appreciate the real benefits of choosing' a home extension or renovation instead of moving.

Also, people can tend, all too often, to wrongly think extending or renovating is not the economical choice that for sure it so often is.


Many such UK home-owners, say the Exposed Magazine team are under the illusion that the investment they might make on their current home will not really be worthwhile. This is really is NOT the case. After all, in reality it is a 'win-win'..... more space, less major upheaval and no soaring moving costs to pay either!

your plans

We at Mint are very pleased to chat over your plans for a Spring or Summer renovation or extension at your place in Cheltenham, and The Cotswolds right now. We can, of course, advise you on all key issues and ensure you get a full understanding, not only of all the involved costs of your project, but, also how we can manage your day to day life as we press forward with the development of your home extension or renovation.

involved costs

As the Exposed Magazine indicate: “Aside from knowing the estimated involved costs, you will also know for sure the clear time it will take for the construction process. By opting to stay at your current location and increasing the floor plan size, you and your family stand to benefit from all kinds of viewpoints. Most house owners are not exactly aware of the process they need to follow to extend their houses. They feel overwhelmed by the very idea and try to avoid it as a result. But the process is easier than you imagine and is cost effective too” After all, it is fair to say that for sure moving home is no easy matter either!


We at Mint – and indeed other such businesses like us - are professionally experienced enough to effectively guide people correctly and calmly through any uncertainty and fears regarding renovation and extension. We – and other companies like us- have the contacts to deliver all the expertise and advice YOU need to be able to safely consider your very own home extension or renovation option.


Also, of course, we have engaged in many home renovation and extension projects over many years. Thus, such experience means we are confident that we can reassure potential clients on all aspects of what is needed regarding all project issues that may occur or spring to mind.

coherent plan

Yes, we can help you develop and clarify your ideas effectively. We can ensure your 'raw' ideas and requirements are realistically developed into a coherent, cost effective plan of action andwe can deliver just the right type and style of home extension and renovation that you feel is appropriate in terms of your home living style and budget. For sure, we will also be able to chart out a plan for your project and follow it right through effectively and thus ensure your project does turn out to be exactly what you need and want it to be.

Exposed Magazine also say quite rightly that 'clear considered discussion is one great way to get the reassurances needed to confidently move forward with a home extension project. First discuss the benefits of adding an extension between yourselves at home and then with someone who knows the business talk further and you can ensure your project will successfully 'come to life'.

associated costs

Another key thing you will come to realise is that associated costs on home extension or renovation are comparatively less than selling your current home and moving on to buy a new one. Yes, for sure there are planning and building regulation issues, but, here again we at Mint Builders know all the 'ins and outs' of these matters and have experienced them all many times before.

now trending

A further focused thought re all the above thoughts and views perhaps - is that house extensions are it seems very much 'trending 'as per national stats, and the trend seems set to grow. But it is understood that when you invest a significant sum of money in an item such as a home, it can be that trends are not the sole criteria.

best solution

You will of course tend to make a proper assessment of your needs and then figure out the best solution for you. For sure in many cases, if affordability and neighbourhood status quo figure high on your list, then a new home move will certainly NOT perhaps be the most sound idea when compared with a home extension or renovation option.

We at Mint Builders are here to help with any questions and ideas relating to the priority planning and organisation of your home extension or renovation for 2021. We have the expert contacts on hand to help ensure your new extension get sorted.

Please request your project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for when the COVID-19 crisis will hopefully - thanks to recent exciting vaccine successes - be on the wane – fingers crossed! Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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