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So what is in.. and what is not when it comes to the style and finish of your planned 2020 home e...

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

News is that the home extension and renovation business will achieve a successful Spring and early Summer for 2020, as home-owners chase some options to extend or renovate their homes and add some welcome added-value too, instead of risking 'a go' at the still-fluctuating housing market.

Getting yourself a welcome new space for your home is just a part of the challenge. Once your new space is built or renovated, it is important that it delivers the kind of up to date style, visual look, effect and living experience that you had in your mind’s eye when you first decided to get your project under-way.

best choices

We, at Mint, understand this and we often work quite closely with our customers when it comes best choices of fittings, finish, colours and effects in their new space, so that in every respect their project really does inspire, please and deliver everything they hoped it would. If you wish us to, we very much like to contribute our experience and make sure that your project 'hits the right note' with you and yours in each and every way.

what’s in and what’s out!

With these thoughts in mind, here below, thanks to the excellent Real Homes team, is a useful run-down of what’s in and what's out and what works and what doesn’t...... when it come look and feel of your exciting new space. Of course, you will have your own ideas ..and quite right... but a bit of a 'heads up' on today's trends is always useful and will stimulate ideas and encourage a bit of careful consideration too. Read on...and see what you think ....


It is fair to say … indicate Real Homes that Interior design trends don’t automatically become outdated at any given time. You might recognise certain trends as enduring favourites or classic returners from years gone by - well that’s fine. It is as good to know about lasting quality, in fact even traditional ideas, and how they can work as it is to be inspired by the new, exciting and 'now' 2020 trends and off the wall ideas the experts might be enthusing about! .

pushed out

First thought.... a la is that blue is the new grey. This is what they say about that ....perhaps you thought it would never happen but our love for grey has been pushed out by blue!.

Experts felt apparently that now it was very much a time for a blue. A 2020 'in' colour is apparently called Classic Blue, and it's just that: a classic blue. It does seem to have an eye-catching elegance for sure. But they - Real Homes - are right in what they say - that it's also a really uplifting and easy colour to incorporate into your home extension....or renovation

definitely pink!

Next .....after blue..... there’s a view on pink...yes pink! Real Homes suggest that the last time many of you ladies might have wanted to re-decorate a room pink, you were probably, shall we say sensitively - much younger! Real,Homes add “after a decade or two of being associated with tweens' bedrooms, pink is most definitely back! There are, however, a few rules for mastering this candy colour. First one being, avoid anything that vaguely reminds you of a colour Barbie would wear; blush-toned, muted pinks are the way to go and keep finishes matt.

So, with those little gems of wisdom in mind, go and check out these pink decorating ideas.

2020 ponderings

Last thought for now... come back to this blog again soon for more interior trend ideas for that project you are pondering for 2020 – is that the next colour in question 2020-wise -indicates Real Homes - is green with a key consideration -it's as soft and neutral.. as a green can get.”

The story behind the colour in question, explain Real Homes, is that it is called Tranquil Dawn and is apparently all about 'the nation’s mood about our new decade' and how we feel about living in a world so technologically advanced, we are starting to feel disconnected from one another They add - it’s a colour that's massively grown on us - it’s a really versatile shade that seems to completely change when you combine it with different palettes. It does they say bring out its cooler side by mixing it with steely greys or soften it up creams and even light pinks - that pink thing again then!!!

fab, warm and wonderful

More trends... and thoughts.. and help.. and guidance here soon.... to get that extension or renovation not only a success for the extra space and added value, but to also ensure that warm, feeling within you, that your new home project really is just the most wonderful.. fab.. warm ..trendy... restful stylish place you could ever want it to be!

Refurbishment, improvement and extension of your home, including a 'room' in the garden, Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home for 2020. We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have all the expert contacts on hand to help you.

Whatever your need, please request your quotation to improve, refurbish or extend your home . Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739or email

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