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Thoughts from ‘my’ for more space and added price value for You!

For sure, we at Mint have learned over the years that homeowners decide on an improvement extension or renovation at home for many varied reasons.

needed ‘new space’

What the project is to be depends on the new space needed, the effect on their current property to carry out the project, the cost ( of course!)…the square footage delivery ….and so on …and so on…..

single storey extension

Depending on these important considerations, for sure, the single storey extension is often to the fore in terms of choice for a good few homeowners. This extension type, if done right, will achieve worthwhile added value to a property’s selling price - an essential so… so often in today’s testing, changeable - and for many - ongoing and uncertain financial times.

ideas and guidance

Spotted online recently were some thoughtful presentation considerations, ideas and guidance, focused on single storey extensions, from the very well-informed, ‘myhomeextension’ team. This expert, well-informed, in team are here ....….

food for thought

They offered plenty of food for thought for sure…. and the expert operation are certainly worth a check, to get your ‘grey-matter’ ticking over, if you do happen have a single storey type home extension project in your mind within the foreseeable future to improve space - and value - at your home….

extensive advice

The experts from my home extension certainly offer some experienced and considered, expert and quite extensive advice and guidance - good news indeed ……the answer is to read on to help rev up your decision- making on Your all important home pros g ….

more space and light

Building an extension is a great way to add more space and light to your home whether you’re looking to expand your kitchen, add a home office or build a garden room,

hire an architect?

Whether or not to hire an architect for your project is a key decision. Architects are a worthwhile investment for more complex projects - a listed building or specific investment in your extension design.

advice and suggestions

Architects can help you unlock the potential of your property. They can offer advice and suggestions that could take your project above and beyond what you might have imagined possible. Note - All that may be required for a small extension is to simply sketch a plan for a draughts person to turn into drawings for your builder to follow.

aims and aspirations

Whatever route you take, you’ll get a better outcome if you spend time at the start thinking about what you want from your new extension. What are your aims and aspirations? What is your home missing? What needs improving?

make a wish list

Make a wish list. Then if your budget is limited decide which are the must-haves as opposed to nice-to-have. Rear extensions are one of the most effective ways to maximise living space.

roof style thoughts

As for the roof, decide if you want to go pitched or flat. A pitched roof creates volume for a vaulted ceiling and high-level gable end glazing, maximising light, Meanwhile a flat roof protects the view from windows above. A flat roof doesn’t’ have to be boring. Consider topping it with turf to create an eco-friendly “living” or green roof.

Read on....

Lots to consider and think about then with YOUR new home extension… read on here for further considered ideas and guidance. …..and good luck with your home extension plans for the year ahead.

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas and much practical advice too relating to your new home project and plans, whatever they may be. We can surely assist with your 2024 home renovation priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future protective money-making ‘added sales value’, never more vital than now. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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