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That Island vs Peninsula issue in your new kitchen extension

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Following on from the recent discussion here, of the successful Mint Builders ‘Extend Now - Move Later’ initiative for the year ahead, we are of course, very much aware that in kitchen projects Kitchens are very much THE key choice to extend and renovate, in order to achieve ‘best added value’ to your home and thus aid it’s future sale price when the housing market is more settled and manageable on into 2023.

Reference kitchen projects, spotted online recently, were some ‘ins and outs’ as to what is so often THE key area of debate, reference kitchen extension and renovation - namely whether to go for a much sought after Kitchen Island or the more regular cupboards-linked Peninsula in your future newly renovated kitchen project.

all about space

Highlighted, from those experts from Real Homes, was some interesting food for thought reference the whole Island vs Peninsula debate. It’s all about 'space' of course and also a matter of cost too perhaps.

advice and guidance

It is - all in all- many feel - THE key decision for most when it comes to that home extension project ‘favourite’- the kitchen. We at Mint can, of course, offer you full advice and guidance on all aspects of your planned new kitchen layout and design, including inclusion of that important, much-sought after kitchen Island

Island… or not!

A kitchen Island is not necessarily better than a Peninsular. The space dictates what really is best. It’s all about kitchen size, and also, about the room shape and required layout too! Without doubt kitchen island 'designs' are seen as more appealing by the vast majority of people, as an Island does tend to offer better ‘traffic’ flow, as it is accessible on all sides.

enough space

All this being true, the key reality is, that not every home will have the space that an Island installation requires. Take care, if you do try to instal a kitchen island without enough space, it will make day to day, general use of your kitchen difficult…. that’s for sure! You could be constantly bumping into it, or, worse, trying to squeeze between it and a wall. Of course, a peninsula can be built in line with the existing shape of the kitchen, thus offering clear, easy movement all around any newly-extended kitchen.

cunning planning

However, if you have a small kitchen, and are still really keen to get rid of an existing peninsula, looking into smaller kitchen island design can make sense, but a bit of cunning planning is needed perhaps. Get it right... and it can give you the important easy movement ‘flow’ you need in your new kitchen.

'traffic' pattern

For sure the island - if there IS indeed room for it …and you get it right - can create a perfect traffic pattern all the way round your new visually open and attractive kitchen extension. But beware, it’s generally important to have between 42 and 48 inches around the perimeter of an island for clearance….and this is pretty much an essential in most cases….


Take note though that there are situations when a kitchen peninsula will certainly be preferable to trying to work in a kitchen Island into a too-limited space. If you don't quite have the space needed, a kitchen peninsula can for sure look just as attractive, and in a good few cases, it is even preferable, because the overall look of the new kitchen reference, cupboards layout choice, shaping and the overall visual effect will 'work' much better.

the right peninsula

Another thing to be aware of, reference is that - although some may not agree - kitchen peninsulas are not in any way outdated. You can really achieve the same style and convenience of an island in a smaller space IF you go for a well-considered, well-presented, carefully installed peninsula of the right size and design.

planned carefully

After all, the only real difference is that a peninsula is an ‘extension’ - in a way - of the existing kitchen cabinets and counters, rather than a free-standing item. If planned carefully and of good design and scale, it CAN make its mark every bit as well as an Island can!

added storage

Also, a kitchen peninsula will probably still give enough added storage too. A key tip for improving a kitchen peninsula visual is to make sure that any cabinets above the peninsula don’t obstruct the view to the surrounding areas of the room - an important design point to note - may we say!

less complex

For sure, the good ol’ peninsula remains a durable and cost-effective solution to the modern kitchen and it is less complex and less labour-intensive to instal in certain ways. For sure, your new extension does not always need to be an Island to achieve a good slice of ‘wow’ factor!

planning 'help' available

We, at Mint, can, of course, help you plan all aspects of your new kitchen extension design and finish - and we are expecting to have a busy programme of new kitchen extension projects for the year ahead - and that’ll probably be kitchens with both islands AND peninsulars …that’s for sure! Good luck with your new 2022 kitchen extension and the future added value it will surely offer to your home for as and when you finally make that move to a new home in the future.

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to the priority planning and organisation of your home extension or renovation for 2022 and beyond

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more ‘liveability’ and increased future sales value. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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