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The 'Museum of the Home' – re-opening in Summer 2020 - is a unique attraction for the curious a...

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

For those of you - like our Editor - who may have a real interest in the home, both now and indeed through history too, there’s an eye-catching, unique social, historic and artistically focused project, which is set to open up again up during the Summer if the first year of the up and coming new decade.

It is in fact a stylish presentation known as the Museum of the Home, which is set to re-open following a major renovation. The Museum is to have a new entrance opposite Hoxton overground railway station in London.


Formerly known as the Geffrye Museum, the Museum of the Home will reopen in summer 2020 with a refreshed identity following a major capital development. Diverse, thought-provoking and personal stories will be at the heart of the Museum’s new vision, exhibitions and programme.


These, together with the much-loved Rooms & Gardens Through Time, will explore historic and contemporary ways of living.


Through a wide-ranging programme of festivals, talks, events, performances, exhibitions and collaborations, the Museum will respond to topical and urgent issues such as homelessness, immigration, mental health, and the environment.


Fascinating new permanent displays and beautiful exhibition spaces will bring to life both the extraordinary and everyday experiences of home from 1600 to the present day.


The Museum is actively fund-raising the final £560k of the £18.1m total, including through the online Sow a Seed appeal, which invites the public to support the replanting of its Gardens Through Time via its website £12.3m of the total was awarded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund thanks to National Lottery players.


The Flint Culture organisation are at the heart of the Museum of the Home. Flint is an award-winning communications consultancy for the arts, culture and luxury sectors, specialising in profile-raising, audience development, brand management and revenue generation. View them here -

Image Credit: Museum of the Home development: illustration of the new entrance opposite Hoxton Overground Station. Courtesy of Wright & Wright Architects LLP

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